Top 17 Jet Ski Accessories: Essential & Comfort Items

Jet Ski Accessories
When you take to the water with your favorite jet ski, you can enhance the experience with jet ski accessories for safety, convenience, and fun.

Pairing the right accessories with your jet ski will improve your trip. Some accessories for safety like sunglasses and life vests will help ease your mind, while others like a dry bag and cooler will add convenience and comfort during your time out on the water.

Here are our top 17 picks for jet ski accessories:

1. Life jackets

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Life jackets are a requirement in most areas and are a crucial life-saving tool. It is important that your check your life vest fits your body correctly.

The life jacket or PFD (Personal Floatation Device.) should not be too loose, as it can slip off in the water. It also should not be too tight because it can restrict your movement in and off the water.

You’ll want to be sure to have a few spare vests of varying sizes on hand for guests.


  1. Gloves

When you’re out riding for long periods of time, gloves are a great layer of protection from blisters and sores on your hands. It also stops the back of your hands from sun burn on hot days.

Additionally, they’ll give you a better grip on the handles, so your hands do not slip off from all of the water. These are a great addition for new or less experienced riders.

Last, gloves will keep you from having to touching slime, grease, and other materials you may encounter, with your bare hands.


  1. Wetsuit

A wet suit is created to keep your body warm and protected. The elastic and neoprene materials trap a thin layer of water to hold in body heat.

When selecting a wet suit, you want to be sure that it has flexible features to support different riding positions. These may include knee padding and grip, flexible shoulder and arm pads. A good fitting wet suit will feel tight as you put it on; there will be no excess material around your legs or arms, or mid-section. Once it is on, you should be able to bend and squat easily and move your arms above your head with little resistance.

(Click on How to Wash a Wetsuit properly for more information.)


  1. Safety lanyard kill switch

A safety lanyard will cut the engine off when it becomes detached and stop the jet ski cruising along the water.

It is important to wear the safety lanyard around your wrist or attached to your life vest and make sure it does not get tangled onto the handlebars, preventing it from triggering the kill switch.


  1. Dry bag

Dry bags are essential for keeping important materials safe and dry. When you bring along your phone, keys, license, or wallet, you want to secure them safely on your watercraft before departure.

If the dry bag falls overboard, they are buoyant to float in the water and be easily retrieved.


  1. Goggles or Sunglasses

Eye protection will help keep water from stinging your eyes, the glare of the sun from impairing your vision, and high winds from speed blurring your vision.

Whether you choose sporting eye protection or regular use goggles or sunglasses, be sure to fasten them to a bright colored floating strap so they will stay attached to your head. If they fall off, a floating strap will keep them from sinking, and the bright color will make them easily visible in the water.

Polarized sunglasses not only stop the glare well, but are also great for fishing and can help spot fish in clearer waters. For shallow areas the Polaroids also help see underwater hazards.


  1. Jet Ski Anchor

When you take a break from riding a jet ski, the anchor will secure your watercraft in place.
• Traditional anchors will suction to the bottom of an area and lock your jet ski in place. But some anchors designed for sand and mud do not do well in rocky bottoms.
• For an area with rocks or gravel, a grapnel anchor may be more secure.
• To minimize damage from an anchor banging around in your jet ski compartment, you may select a mushroom or sandbag anchor because they do not have sharp edges.


  1. Jet Ski Dock Line

A jet ski dock line will secure your jet ski to a dock or tie two jet skis together. These nylon ropes are made to resist waves and weather to keep your jet ski safely in place.


  1. Fenders and Bumpers

Fenders or bumpers come in handy when you secure your jet ski to a dock. They give cushion to the hull of your jet ski to protect it from scratches and dings when it bumps against the dock or other crafts that are anchored nearby. They are strictly made for docking and should not stay on during riding.


  1. Safety Whistle

Most riding locations require a safety signal for distress. A safety whistle will give off a high pitched sound to alert others if you are in danger. Most are made to clip on to a life vest or safety lanyard for quick access.

The Fox 40 brand has some loud whistles that are designed for marine environments.


  1. Cable Lock

To protect your jet ski from being stolen, a cable lock is a great safety measure. Lock your jet ski when it is docked or on a trailer to keep it secure.

Some locks come with an audible alarm that will sound off if your jet ski is tampered with. These are also handy for securing kayaks.


  1. Jet Ski Covers For Storage

Protect your Jet Ski from severe weather, ocean debris, and rust with a sturdy Jet Ski cover. While your jet ski is designed to withstand weather during use, it’s important to protect it from the elements while it is being stored.

A jet ski is very similar in upkeep compared to a boat. Visit my Fishing Boat Maintenance article for more information on washing, storing and maintaining the boat.


  1. Jet Ski Trailer Accessories

To safely transport your jet ski on a trailer, back and forth, attach a backup camera to steer safely, use a tongue jack to roll your trailer, or maneuver it without a truck, and a spare tire, so you never have to leave your trailer in an unsecured area due to a blown tire.


  1. Trailer Straps

It is essential to select some quality straps to keep your jet ski in place. You can find quality straps for a good price on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers.


  1. Go Pro

Capture all of your memories out on the water, and make your own recreational sports videos with a go pro.

Go pros can be fastened to your life vest or worn with a head strap. Jet Ski mounts are available to attach your go pro to the top of your jet ski for great shots.


  1. Cooler

Take your favorite snacks and drinks with you and keep them safe in a cooler. This will add comfort to your day on the water, especially in hot weather. A chiller box also keeps you from having to stop the fun to travel to a restaurant, to rehydrate, or grab some food.


  1. Jet Ski Accessories for Fishing

A jet ski opens up the opportunity for not only cruising about on the water, but it also opens up the possibility to fish in hard to get places. Or fishing fun with a difference, as a bigger fish can actually tow you along as well.

To help make fishing easier, you can get some great Jet Ski accessories like fishing rod holders, cooler boxes with rod holders, bait tables, etc. Fishing has never been so much fun.