New Youth Compound Bow List 2021. Plus tips on selecting the correct children’s bow.

Youth Compound Bow List 2021
Choosing a compound bow for children or youths can be a challenge, because of the wide range of physical differences.

Plus they grow very fast and a bow that is suited for the child one day, may not be suitable in a years’ time. So we have compiled a youth compound bow list 2021 in the data table below. (Plus archery tips in this article for choosing the correct bow for your child.)

The list has all the best compound bow brands and are both suitable for children or youths getting interested in target archery, bowhunting or just flinging some arrows safely about in the field.

The best youth compound bows and kid’s bows have a widely adjustable draw length and draw weight options for the bows. Such as the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro as the above picture.

I have shot the Diamond Infinite Edge bow before and it is suitable not only for young kids and growing teenagers, but it is a great bow for beginners of all ages. This would be my pick for the best youth compound bow from the list below. (Amazon affiliate link – click on Diamond Archery Infinite to check the latest price on Amazon.)

While you can get cheaper youth bows on the market than these brands below in the data table, these archery companies listed have been around for a while and are good brands that have adjustable bows for growing children and youths.

What to consider when buying a children’s bow.

While the data table below lists the new compound kids bows for 2021 (and older models.) there are some things to consider when buying a bow.

Not only price, but draw weight, draw length and mass weight of the bow should be considered. Otherwise the bow won’t fit the child correctly and it will be harder to shoot accurately. Hence the fun level will go down and he or she won’t use the bow.


What is the draw weight on a compound bow?

Draw weight is the amount of weight the archer will draw back or hold with the bowstring.

For a recurve bow or longbow, this is the amount of weight they hold at full draw.

But with a compound bow, the archer will hold less weight at full draw. The cables and cams make it easier to hold the draw weight.

When the archer pulls back the compound bow, around the half way mark, the cams turn over and at full draw the archer holds less weight. As an example if the compound youth bow draw weight is listed at 40 lbs, the archer might only hold 20 lbs at full draw. (If the bow let off is 50%)

Some let offs on the compound bow models are 60%, 70% even up to 90% let off.

Visit Types of Bows for the difference between the longbow, recurve bow and compound.


Correct draw length for a child is crucial.

Draw length is also very important for the beginner archer.

The correct draw length helps accuracy. As the stance, body alignment, aiming and holding the bow is affected by the draw length.

A young small girl taking up archery will have a totally different draw length than a tall older boy with longer limbs, so it is important the bow fits them correctly.

A good guide is, the bowstring should end up at full draw roughly around the corner of the mouth. This helps align the bowstring with the eye.

To work out the draw length, visit my article on how to determine your draw length. This article has several methods and ways that will get the child or youth close to their correct draw length. Click on, How To Figure Out Your Draw Length for more information.


Mass weight of the bow.

Another item to take into consideration when buying a bow for a child, is the mass weight or physical weight of the bow might be very heavy.

While the child may not fire hundreds of arrows at a time, the bow can get weighty.

If you look at the new Compound Bow Comparison 2021 table we that lists all the new bow models for 2021 we developed, you will see that the bows for adults weigh around 4 lbs to 4.4 lbs or so on average. This is just the bare minimum weight with no added accessories like an arrow rest, bow sight and bow quiver.

Thankfully the children’s bows are lighter weight, however not by much. As you can see some of the below kids compound bows are around 3 lb mass weight to 3.6 lbs. But this can still be heavy for the beginner when you add extra gear on.

While you can adjust the draw length and draw weight easy enough on most youth bows, the mass weight of the bow is more limited.


Which hand do I hold the bow in? Right or left handed bows?

There seems to be a bit of confusion with kid’s bows, and even adult bows about what is a right handed bow or left handed bow? Or which hand do I hold the bow in?

With a right handed bow the archer holds the bow in the left hand and draws the bowstring back with their right hand.

For a left hand bow, the archer holds the bow grip with the right hand. They draw the bowstring back with their left hand.

(Most beginner archers will just get a right handed bow if they are right handed. However, the correct way to select a bow is from eye dominance. This will help aiming.)

Most of the compound bows listed will be available in both right and left hand models.

Archery packages and bow and arrow kits.

A lot of these good bows listed have an arrow rest, bow quiver and bow sight included in the package. (For several aiming methods, click on – How to Aim a Bow and Arrow.)

However, some bow packages don’t include the arrows or a release aid device, or archery tab to hold and release the bowstring.

Even if the package states the bow is “ready to shoot” double check it has all the archery accessories like arrows or a release aid device.

(Normally a release aid device is just used with a compound bow and bow sights. But if the compound bow is long enough so the bowstring doesn’t pinch the bowstring hand, it can be released with a shooting tab or bow glove. A release aid device generally isn’t used with a recurve or longbow.)


New Youth Compound Bow List 2021

Note: For the data table list below, some of the bows with a longer draw length may also be suitable for beginner adults, smaller frame females, as well as youths or teenagers. For smaller or younger children the shorter draw lengths and lighter draw weight bows are more suitable.

Brand Model Speed FPS Axle to Axle Length Draw Length Draw Weight Brace Height Weight
Bear Archery Bear Archery Legit 315 29.125″ 14″ – 30″ 10 – 70 lbs 6″ 3.6 lbs
Bear Archery Sole Intent 295 29″ 22″ – 27″ 25 – 50 lbs 6 “ 3.6 lbs
Bear Archery Royale 290 27″ 12″ – 27″ 5 – 50 lbs 6″ 2.7 lbs
Bear Archery Cruzer G2 315 30″ 12″ – 30″ 5 – 70 lbs 6.5″ 3.1 lbs
Bear Archery Limitless 265 28″ 19″ – 29″ 25 – 50 lbs 7″ 5 lbs
BowTech Amplify 335 31.5″ 21″ – 30″ 8 – 70 lbs 6″ 4 lbs
BowTech Carbon Rose 302 30″ 22.5″ – 27″  40, 50, 60 lbs 7″ 3.2 lbs
Darton Archery Recruit U/K 28 1/2″ 21.5″ – 27″ 25 – 35 lbs 6 3/4″ 3.1 lbs
Darton Archery Splash U/K 28 1/2″ 23″ – 29.5″ 35 – 50 lbs 7″ 3.4 lbs
Darton Archery Mentor D U/K 32″ 22″ – 28″ 40 lbs 6 1/2″ 3.5 lbs
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro 310 31″ 13″ – 31″ 5 – 70 lbs 7″ 3.2 lbs
Diamond Archery Infinite 305 305 32″ 19″ – 31″ 7 – 70 lbs 7 1/4″ 3.3 lbs
Diamond Archery Edge 320 320 32″ 15″ – 31″ 7 – 70 lbs 7 1/4″ 3.6 lbs
Diamond Archery Edge SB – 1 318 31″ 15″ – 30″ 7 – 70 lbs 7″ 3.6 lbs
Diamond Archery Prism 295 31″ 18″ – 30″ 5 – 55 lbs 7″ 3.2 lbs
Diamond Archery Atomic 191 24″ 12″ – 24″ 6 – 29 lbs 6″ 1.9 lbs
Elite Archery Ember 310 31.25″ 15″ – 29″ 10 – 60 lbs 6.25″ 3.6 lbs
Hoyt Archery Eclipse 314 29″ 23.5″ – 25.5″  26″ – 28″ 30, 40, 50, 60 lbs 6 3/4″ 3.7 lbs
Martin Archery TM Hunter 33 333 33″ 18″ – 30″ 25 – 70 lbs 7″ 3.6 lbs
Mathews Stoke 314 27 1/4″ 21″ – 27″ 40, 50, 60 lbs 5 5/8″ 3.78 lbs
Mission Archery Switch 305 31″ 18″ – 30″ 11 – 70 lbs 6 7/8″ 3.84 lbs
Mission Archery Hammr 300 28″ 17″ – 29″ 16 – 70 lbs 6 1/4″ 3.4 lbs
Mission Archery Radik N/A 28″ 17″ – 28″ 10 – 50 lbs 6 1/8″ 3.04 lbs
PSE  Archery Stinger Max 312 – 304 30″ 21 1/2″ – 30″ 55, 70 lbs 7″ 3.8 lbs
PSE  Archery Uprising 310 – 302 30″ 14″ – 30″ 50 lbs 6 5/8″ 3.2 lbs
PSE  Archery Mini Burner U/K 26″ 16″ – 26 1/2″ 29, 40 lbs 6 5/8″ 2.5 lbs
Quest Bowhunting Centec NXT 270 @ 26″ 45 lbs 26″ 19″ – 26″ 15 – 45 lbs 6″ 2.8 lbs
Brand Model Speed FPS Axle to Axle Length Draw Length Draw Weight Brace Height Weight

FPS = Feet per second. LBS = pounds.


Additional archery resources.

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Archery is a safe sport, but there are some safety rules and guidelines to adhere to, visit Archery Safety Rules for Beginners.

A kids compound bow if chosen correctly will last for a long time with a bit of care. For bowstring care, click on How Often Should You Wax Your Bow String.