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7 Best Flashlights for Camping 2021


Best flashlighs for camping in 2021

Flashlights provide a very important and reliable source of light when you want to see in the dark when camping or fishing at night.

They help you watch out for branches at head height, spot wildlife, signalling, and illuminating your campsite, just to mention a few. They are popular not only among campers, fisherman, but also anyone involved in the outdoors.

We have compiled a list of some of the best flashlights for camping in 2021 down below. But before we get into the list, here are some styles of flashlights.


Types of Torches

Choosing a flashlight can be difficult because of the many different designs on the market right now. They vary depending on their use, size, brightness, runtime, battery type, price, and durability, among other things.

For instance, we have torches with rechargeable batteries like the MagLite LED flashlight, which can take you hours after being fully charged.

Simultaneously, we have torches that don’t have rechargeable batteries but have a very long lifespan, for example, the Olight i3E EOS flashlight. There are also special flashlights used for tactical reasons, such as self-defense or use in the military.

Specific headlamps are used to illuminate the path of motor vehicles and vary depending on the vehicle’s make. Also, we have a special kind of small flashlight known as the key ring torch used for reading at night and other camping uses.

Currently, there are several great brands of torches on the market. Some of the most popular brands include the Led Lenser, Olight, and Petzl headlamps. They are popular because of their efficiency and durability. It is also good to note that flashlights’ illuminating power is measured in units known as Lumens (lm).

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Best Torches for Camping

Having learned about the various types and designs of flashlights, we will now list some of the best camping flashlights for 2021.

1. Led Lenser P5R Core 

This is a small torch that can be useful while running in the dark and lighting up the woods. It has brightness levels ranging from 15lm to 500lm and has a strobe mode that enables it to produce regular light flashes.

The Led Lenser P5R Core flashlight has a “position” option that sends light impulses at long ranges, making it easy for you to be spotted. This is especially helpful if you get lost in the woods. Additionally, it illuminates up to 500 feet away.

Another nice feature of this torch is its dimming feature that enables you to adjust the illumination level according to your preference. It also has a lock mode that prevents it from being turned on when stored, thereby ensuring no battery is lost.

This flashlight has a battery life of 25h that gives you quite a service. Retailing at around the hundred dollar mark, give or take, this is arguably the best torch on the market.


2. ThruNite TN12V4

This torch has a range of brightness levels and has an illuminating power of 1100lm. This power makes it efficient for walking in the woods.

It has a unique feature that enables you to differentiate between the min and max illumination, making it user-friendly.

The ThruNite TN12V4 has a beam that can illuminate up to 226m and is light enough for you to go hiking with it.

The flashlight is designed so that it can lie on a flat surface without rolling and can also be placed upright. The torch has a firefly mode that has an ultra-low light, making it suitable for map reading.


3. Nitecore P12

The Nitecore P12 flashlight has brightness levels ranging from 11lm to 1000lm. When set on medium mode, it can illuminate up to 300 feet away and at the same time light up the area around you. This makes it suitable for team leaders when they are giving directions to the rest of the team.

It has a rechargeable battery that takes a short while to charge entirely and can be charged to total capacity in the morning just before you leave. Its side blinks when the battery is low, thereby doubling up as a power indicator.

One intriguing feature is waterproof up to 2m, allowing it to be used for water activities like fishing, kayaking or boating.


4. Olight i3E EOS

This is a type of keyring flashlight that is highly compact with a maximum lumen of 90lm.

The Olight i3E EOS Keyring Flashlight is exceptionally light and small, making it fit easily into a pocket or bag and can be connected to a keychain without adding much to the key chain’s weight. This feature makes it possible for you to take it anywhere with you.

The torch is powered by a single AAA Alkaline battery and has a long lifespan. If you want a torch that can give you brightness for such a small torch, it is hard to beat the Olight i3E EOS.

This little torch is one of the best torches for camping as a backup light or a keyring light. You can buy this mini flashlight from around seven to fifteen dollars or less.

Olight i3E EOS Flashlight Review

For an in depth flashlight review, click on Olight i3E EOS Flashlight Review.


5. Fenix UC52

This torch has a full illuminating capacity of up to 3100ml, making it one of the brightest torches. It also has an OLED display that shows the current output level, battery status, and remaining time.

The Fenix UC52 flashlight has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 3500mAh giving you quite a service.

The torch is water-resistant for protection against prolonged immersion in up to 2m of water. It is also dustproof, thus saving you the trouble of cleaning it when you travel on a dusty pathway. Also, it can illuminate a distance of 253m, making it one of the most powerful torches.

These above features make it one of the best torches for camping, and you can purchase it for a great price with some sales.


6. Ledlenser P4 BM

This torch has a slim nature, making it easy for you to handle while doing some inspection work like checking your engine.

Its slim nature also makes it easy for you to hold it in your mouth, thereby giving you a chance to use both of your hands while working.

The Ledlenser P4 BM has an illuminating power of 18lm, making it suitable to spot fine details.

It illuminates a distance of 25m, making it suitable for working in small spaces. The torch is also very efficient as it has a battery life that can last up to 8.5h. It retails at twenty dollars or less, making it very affordable.


7. BioLite Powerlight

If you are looking for a torch that you can use to quickly find your way around the camping site, this is the best pick.

This flashlight can function as a torch, lantern, and spotlight, making it suitable for various applications. Despite its wide range of uses, the BioLite Powerlight flashlight retails at under sixty, making it budget-friendly.

The torch has an illuminating capacity of 250lm, making it helpful in spotting features within the camp. You can also turn the torch into a 200lm lantern to illuminate the whole tent. Interestingly, the touch can also be used as a power bank. For this reason, if you need a quick charge for your appliances, you have one right here.

The BioLite Powerlight has a 4400mAh battery and is micro-USB rechargeable so that it can provide you with a long period of service.


Conclusion – Best Flashlights for Camping 2021

Remember, torches come with different specs and have a wide range of uses. If you want to make your camping experience easier, consider looking for some of these great flashlight brands that are considered the best torches for camping and the outdoors.