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Hi, my name is John Miller and we are a family who is passionate about the outdoors. We have been camping, fishing, practicing archery and many water-sports for most of our lives.

We enjoy fly fishing, bass fishing, saltwater fishing, chasing trout, canoe and kayak fishing. For many years we have done, target archery, bowhunting, 3D, field archery and hunting. As well as scuba diving, free-diving and spearfishing for many years.

Traveling around in a motorhome or travel trailer and seeing the sights with the family is a great feeling. One day we want to visit every state in our trusty RV. (Or a new one, either way it is all good.)

The children love learning about bushcraft and survival skills when camping.  We hope you enjoy our site and enjoy the outdoors.

Catch me on Twitter at Aim Camp Explore@camp_aim


————————————————–  Our Team ——————————————-

Robert Johnson enjoys fishing, camping and touring around in his RV.

Craig writes about bushcraft and survival skills. He has been camping, fishing, bowhunting and hunting for over forty years.