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Best Olight Flashlights For Camping 2021

Best Olight Flashlights For Camping 2021

Olight manufactures flashlights for every hobby, sport, and work style. Olight is popular worldwide for campers, fisherman and the serious outdoorsman.

Flashlight designs from Olight are manufactured to the highest standards to meet multiple illumination requirements for all night-time conditions. The Olight torches are high quality and available for a great price.

Some of the uses and designs of the Olight brand include:

1. Rechargeable Torches.
2. Tactical and Military Torches.
3. Hunting Torches and Spotlight.
4. Camping and Outdoor Torches.
5. Search and Rescue Flashlights.
6. Bicycle Torches.
7. PL (Photoluminescence) Torches.
8. Headlamp Torches.
9. Key Ring and Clip Torches.
10. Police and Law Enforcement Flashlights.
11. Pocket and EDC (Everyday Carry) Torches.


List of the Best Olight Torches

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Here is some Olight flashlight and headlamp features, benefits and specifications of their best torches. Listed are the editor’s pick of the best Olight flashlights for camping in 2021 and the outdoors.


1. Olight S1R 11 Baton Torch – (Replacement for discontinued S1 Baton.)

A. Compact, rechargeable LED torch with 1000 Lumen
B. Double the Lumens in a smaller, lighter package than its predecessor
C. Latest pocket rocket with 1A charging
D. Pocket torch with latest Magnetic Charging Cable

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2. Olight Javelot Turbo 1300 Torch.

A. High-performance LED projects the longest beam in its class at 1,300 metres
B. Maximum run time of 318 hours and IPX8 rated
C. Magnetic tail cap for charging and torch operations
D. Optimized for tactical operations with 3-in-1 tail cap and ROD remote switch
E. Kit includes torch, scope mount, red and green filters, and pressure switch

Olight Javelot Turbo 1300 Torch – Click Here To Check Latest Price.


3. Olight Baton 3 Rechargeable EDC (Everyday Carry) Torch.

A. Rechargeable with wireless charging case
B. Charging case charges torch up to 3.7 times
C. Up to 20 days maximum runtime
D. Maximum 1200 Lumens with 166 Metres throw
E. Ideal compact size for camping and hiking
F. Must have torch for survival situations, outdoors and camping

Olight Baton 3 Rechargeable EDC – Click Here To Check Latest Price.


4. Olight Perun 2  Waterproof Hiking Headlamp.

A. Maximum 12.5 day runtime with custom rechargeable 4000mAh battery
B. Maximum 2500 Lumens output with 166 Metres throw
C. Proximity sensor switches to safety when detecting obstruction
D. Silicon head for comfort and simple operation
E. Head-mounted, hand-held, or strap attached for hands-free operation

Olight Perun 2  Waterproof Hiking Headlamp – Click Here To Check Latest Price.


5. Olight Open 2 Pen Torch.

A. Uniquely Olight, highly functional 2-in-1 “must-have” torch
B. First Olight EDC pen with a built-in detachable torch
C. Use as is, or detach torch for auxiliary lighting
D. Designed with bolt action pen mechanism and 5 to 120 Lumens adjustable torch
E. LED light runtime of 10 hours on 55 minute USB charge
F. Lightweight EDC at 38g with sturdy and secure pocket clip

Olight Open 2 Pen Torch – Click Here To Check Latest Price.


6. Olight i3T Ti 180 Lumens Rechargeable Torch.

A. Single AAA battery and rechargeable with maximum 180 Lumens
B. Unique style and grip with double helix body knurling
C. TIR optic lens produces a balanced and soft beam
D. Compact size with a built-in clip


7. Olight i3E EOS Key Ring Torch.

Olight Torch review.

A. Long-life Phillips LUXEON TX LED with 60,000-hour life span
B. Perfect compact torch to attach to your key ring, belt, or a purse
C. High-performance lens with 90 Lumen powered by AAA battery
D. Absolute to have a torch you never would be without
E. Homogeneous beam created with PMMA TIR lens

Click on Olight i3E EOS Torch Review for more information.


8. Olight IPX7 Waterproof Obulb Torch.

A. Uniquely styled torch with a multitude of applications
B. Waterproof with 1.5 metre impact drop zone
C. 4 illumination modes including warm white and red light
D. Perfect for water environments including pools and tubs
E. Magnetic base with adhesive metal badge attaches most anywhere
F. 55 – 3.5 Lumens warm white light and 7 Lumens flashing or steady red light
G. Ideal camping light or kids light around the house on special occasions


9. Olight BALDR Pro Weapon Flashlight.

A. 1500 Lumens output and secondary 300 Lumen mode with max 260 metre beam
B. Sightable 5mw green laser provides greater daytime visibility
C. Attaches to Glock and MIL-STD-1913 sized rails
D. Compact with ambidextrous on/off switch
E. Super bright Neutral White LED light


10. Olight X9R Marauder Hunting Torch.

A. Highest illumination torch ever developed by Olight
B. Maximum output of 25000 Lumens produced by 6 new XHP70.2 LED’s
C. Proximity sensors control output with smart output to prevent overheating
D. Designed with built-in heat dissipation system and battery level display
E. Packed in hard-shell case with pressure release dial for added protection
F. One of the most technically advanced Hunting Torches in the world


11. Olight Allty 2000 Bike Torch.

Even though this is a bike light, it has been included for the mountain bike backpackers who ga camping, as it is a very versatile and bright light.

A. Maximum output of 2000 Lumens and 165 metres throw
B. Smart OLED screen display includes battery level and available running time
C. Unique design provides considerable side lighting for riders attention
D. Ideal for Road Cycling, Trail Crossing, and MTB Riding
E. Stylish and can be tightly mounted on the front mount or under GOPro mount
F. Extended life, removable battery pack with up to 14.5 hours runtime


The Olight Flashlight Story

Olight i3E-EOS

Olight has one simple mission – place an Olight torch into the hands of every person and never get caught in the dark again. To do that, Olight knew they had to create the best torches in the most compact packages at the very best price.

Manufacturing the best Olight torches is more than a mission at Olight, it is a passion. A passion that can only be understood by a sportsman, fisherman, or outdoorsman that uses the products. In other words, Olight employees.

They are users too and driven to make the most functional products that work every time. For they are one of the thousands of Olight users who trust when the switch is pressed, there will be light. Olight works hard to improve lives one torch at a time.