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Fishing Shirts.

Fishing shirts
Finding activities to pass the time can be a difficult task, however one activity that people can’t get enough of is fishing. You can spend hours, or even days enjoying (or getting frustrated) fishing.

Fishing brings out strong conversations, connections, and extreme excitement knowing there could be a bite. But, protection from the sun and elements on the water is often forgotten about. That is where fishing shirts and tops come in.

They provide sun protection and can be cooler on the water. We forget to mention they can also add a bit a fashion and color to normally traditional dull fishing clothing.

Big fish fishing shirts


Plenty of fishing fashion brands, lure makers, boat and rod manufactures like Penn, Jarvis Walker, Wilson, Berkley Gulp, Z Man, Abu Garcia, Savage boats and Diawa provide clothing for the fishing newbie, all the way to the professional fishermen.

There are so many different styles, patterns, textures, and articles of clothing to consider when picking out the perfect fishing outfit. Bass Pro and Cabelas also have their own fishing shirt lines and brands.

Fishing shirt long sleeve


Short sleeve fishing shirts.

Typically, a lot of fishing is done in the summertime, and that means there is warm weather, beaming sunlight, clear blue water, and a bucket of sunscreen in the back of the boat.

One of the most popular and effective form of clothing to wear on the water is the short sleeve fishing shirt. These short sleeve shirts come in the largest variety imaginable.

Brands all over the world and the USA fishing companies have cornered the market regarding fishing shirts colors, patterns, textures, and overall appeal. Usually, these short sleeves have small recurring patterns of fish on them, or some giant species.

Penn Fishing shirts


Bass, sharks, marlin, trout, snapper, alligators and anything that swims under the boat can be found on these shirts.

Even with color, anything from bright oranges and greens, to basic whites and greys provide even more decisions when wandering around the store.

Something that is commonly misunderstood about these short sleeves are the collars. Sunlight, and sitting out on the boat for extended amounts of time can be a burden to the skin on the back of the neck. Plus, this is the most forgotten part of the body for sunscreen. One of the largest benefits of these short sleeves is the breathability, and protection from the sun in the hard to reach spaces.

A shortcoming of the short sleeves is obviously they leave the arms exposed. So, if there is someone who doesn’t want to worry about sunburn, another possibility are the long sleeve fishing shirts.

For the fly fisherman who wants a bit of camouflage in the water or on the bank, Columbia, Orvis and Shimano have some grey, tan, dull light blue and green plain shirts. (Or if you don’t want to be too loud with the fishing fashion.)


Shimano fishing shirts


Long sleeve fishing shirts.

Being able to sit on the water and fish until the end of the day is a dream of many, and finding the perfect fishing long sleeve shirt can make that a reality, by protecting you from the sun. Also they look pretty good as well.

Much like the short sleeve, the colors, patterns, and overall flashiness of the long sleeve gives the average fisher plenty of options to choose from.

Color choices are the tough decision to make, a bit like selecting a lure color. Knowing that where there is one bright blue, there is going to be a navy, a teal, a green, and the rest of the rainbow.

Now, many people would argue that long sleeves don’t provide the user the breathability or comfort when fishing. However, with the light fabric and arm vents used by many brands throughout the fishing world, the sleeves of the long sleeve have a sense of airiness.

The lightweight mesh and thin lining inside the sleeve provide the feeling that the sleeves aren’t even there. Not to mention the hoods that are often attached to the collar, UV rays afflicting the skin become a worry of the past. Remember the wide brimmed hat and fishing Polaroids as well.

If you are after any Bass Pro fishing shirts, or Cabelas fishing shirts, these fishing and camping stores have some great sales regularly.


Kids fishing shirts.

Kids fishing shirts


Similar to the adult sized short and long sleeves fishing tops, curious young fisherman can find their place on the fishing boat with their own assortment of short and long sleeve shirts.

Any parent who is worried about their child getting sunburn will find comfort knowing that many brands and design kids fishing shirts in a revolutionizing way.

Children’s clothing come with some great fish designs and fishing brands in a huge variety. So kids can find something exciting and funny about the clothes they choose to wear.

Kids love to express themselves through the clothes they wear, and being able to choose any color or fish pattern from the rack makes fishing that much more thrilling.

One example of the benefits of kids fishing shirts is that long sleeves have more mesh and cotton within the sleeves and hoods, so kids don’t have to stress too much about the sun beating down on their necks or arms.

One negative to this increased protection comes from within the long sleeves, is having more fabric in the shirt absorbs the heat more, causing children to sometimes feel hotter during the course of the day. But there are some great fabrics that don’t hold the heat much and the extra cover is worth it.

Maintaining a solid supply of hydration methods will prevent anything serious to occur.

Bringing the whole family along for the fishing trip is now a possibility to do it with matching style. The fishing brands know this, so they have begun to promote more accessories.


Fishing clothes accessories.

Fishing buff


Whether the family is going on a fishing trip for the weekend, or long established friends are meeting for a fishing getaway, the accessories provided by the fishing fashion world provide humor and comparability to the hobby of fishing.

Three of the accessories that will be talked about are fishing gloves, fishing hats, and fishing buffs. Taking the time to find the perfect accessory makes other people jealous, and encouraged to find the same product.

Many fishing brands around North America, Canada, England and Australia, such as Shimano, Jarvis Walker, Team Zerek, Big Fish, AFN and Penn, have made it a priority to provide matching patterns, colors, and custom logos.

Imagine two friends going out on the water, and each roll up to the dock with matching fishing hats that have their favorite logo, color, and mesh back. Perhaps a bit corny, but it does look pretty cool and professional. Just like the pro bass fisherman teams.

Fishing gloves


Those small details improve the memorable experience had on the lake or stream. Same thing with fishing gloves, being able to find the perfect colour and protection in a glove can mean a world of difference. Perhaps not to the fish or when trying to hook the perfect fish, but it can be practical and look good.

Now, fishing buffs are a product that have started to explode, simply for their facial protection. Fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and easy to wear provides the fisherman with a sense of relief knowing that there is next to no chance of sunburn.

No matter what the accessory is, fishing brands have been able to provide the fishing community with colorful, matching, breathable styles that bring customization and excitement.

Below, you can even get fishing bar mats and custom designs.

Fishing bar mats


In conclusion, the fashion industry behind fishing has begun to make a name for itself. Whether the average angler is choosing between fishing shirts, shorts, hats, or gloves, there is a slim to none chance that they’re unable to find exactly what they’re looking for. The selection is huge.

Fishing can be a new and addicting hobby, and finding the right clothes makes it more enjoyable. The fishing tops and clothes may not increase your catch rate, but did we mention some exciting looks and fishing in style.