How Much Is A Texas Fishing License?

How much is a Texas fishing license
If you’re anticipating enjoying some of the best fishing in the country during Texas’s year-round fishing season, it’s important that you obtain a fishing license.

How much is a fishing license in Texas?

The answer is going to vary depending on your status as a Texas resident, and by the specific type of fishing you plan on doing.

Since the best fishing spots in the state are both freshwater and saltwater, there will be different choices for what type of license you’ll want to obtain, and plenty of locations to use it.

Certain factors such as age, or being a resident of Oklahoma or Louisiana, can also influence what getting a fishing license in Texas will mean for you.


Texas Fishing License Cost for Visitors (Non-residents):

how much is a fishing license in Texas
If you’re on vacation, or here for a temporary stay for any reason, you probably don’t want to miss out on great fishing opportunities.

In Texas, you can obtain a license online at’s fishing license page, or at many different retailers. Outdoor and gun shops, sporting goods stores, grocery stores, bait and tackle shops, and some department stores sell fishing licenses. Check the above website to perform a search for one of the many retailers who can help.

(Please note that an extra $5.00 fee will be added to your total if you use the services to purchase your online fishing license.)

Here are the fishing license prices for non-residents of Texas —

Freshwater Fishing License for Non-residents — $58.00/year
Saltwater Fishing License for Non-residents — $63.00/year
All Water Fishing License for Non-residents — $16.00/day and $68.00/year


Cost of Fishing License in Texas for Residents:

The cost of a fishing license in Texas is more affordable for residents. You’ll need to prove you’re a resident of Texas at a location that distributes licenses, or online. (The $5.00 online service fee applies to residents who use the online service as well.) Senior residents (over age 65) can buy a license at a great discount, though the senior license is not available for purchase online.

Freshwater Fishing License for Residents — $30.00/year
Freshwater Fishing License for Senior Residents — $12.00/year
Saltwater Fishing License for Residents — $35.00/year
Saltwater Fishing License for Senior Residents — $17.00/year
All Water Fishing License for Residents — $11.00/day and $40.00/year
All Water Fishing License for Senior Residents — $22.00/year

Texas residents also qualify for the purchase of A Lifetime Fishing License. It’s a one-time payment and the license has no expiration date.

Current cost of a Lifetime Fishing License for Residents — $1000.00
(For $1800.00 there is also a Lifetime Fishing/Hunting License package available.)


Exceptions Where a Fishing License Will Not Be Necessary:

There are just a few circumstances that can cause someone to be exempt from needing to purchase a fishing license in Texas. According to licensing information found on the state website, children under the age of 17 do not need one. Anyone born before January 1, 1931, is also exempt.

No license is needed for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are fishing as part of a medically approved therapy program, who are currently under the supervision of certified medical staff. No license is needed for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are fishing under the supervision of a licensed angler. (A doctor’s note proving the person is intellectually disabled will be required in these instances.)

Exceptions for non-residents —
If you’re a resident of Oklahoma over 65
If you are a resident of Louisiana who has a valid Recreational Fishing License or a senior Fishing/Hunting license
If you’re under the age of 17


Additional licensing information: How much is a Texas fishing license?

Sometimes there will be a special fishing license available for purchase at certain bodies of water where fishing is very popular. For example, Lake Texoma, so named because it’s shared by the states of Texas and Oklahoma, has its own license. If that’s the only place you plan on going, it might be more practical to simply purchase a Lake Texoma license for your stay.

Furthermore, whether you’re a resident or visitor, it’s crucial that you check local regulations and guidelines.

The possession of a valid fishing license is just the first step to keeping everything legal and safe while you’re on the water. So visit the rules and regulations page of to view the specifics.

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