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How To Make A DIY  Toilet Bucket.

How To Make A DIY Toilet Bucket
For camping, when you need to go, you can just dig a hole and do your business and cover it back in with the dirt. But, what happens if you don’t want to squat down in the woods or the sewage goes down at home?

With the recent events, the chances of the sewage system clogging up are increasing. As toilet paper is running out, people are putting wet wipes and tissues down the toilet that don’t break down and will clog up the sewage system. So here is one idea for a DIY homemade toilet.

This is also a great easy to do camping toilet as well. You could even have this for a back-up toilet for RV camping as well, as it is virtually a spare bucket, that comes in handy anyway.


Here is a step by step, on how to make the homemade toilet bucket.

homemade toilet bucket

Items you will need: Bucket, pool noodle, knife, (I used my Walker Swiss Army Knife, because it has a blade and a saw.) marker, and plastic trash bags. A bungee cord is optional.

1. Use a five gallon bucket (Around 20 liters.) or similar size. A taller bucket makes it easier to sit on, so you don’t have to squat as far.

DIY toilet bucket. Marking the pool noodle with a Sharpie.

2. Measure the pool noodle around the rim of the bucket, mark it and cut it too size. (It doesn’t have to be too exact.)

DIY camping toilet pail.
Cut a slit lengthwise down the pool noodle.

4. Place the plastic bag inside the bucket, with the opening end over the rim of the bucket. (Or over the pool noodle.)

5. Press down the pool noodle slit onto the rim of the bucket.

Other modifications.

You can also use water pipe insulation, instead of the pool noodle.

Or use wood planks across the bucket for a makeshift seat. Secure the planks with across piece and ensure it won’t slip off the bucket.

A piece of ply wood with a hole cut in it placed on top of the bucket can also be used for a seat.

DIY toilet substitute

You can also place the plastic bag over the pool noodle, this makes it easier so you don’t have to undo the pool noodle when swapping out the used smelly bag. If you are changing the bag over a fair bit, this method is better for hygiene standards and therefore less smell.

Another modification is to take out the wire handle and put a roll of toilet paper on the wire and insert the wire end back into the hole.

Tie a knot in the plastic bag opening and tuck it under itself so it fits more securely around the bucket rim.

DIY homemade toilet pail

If the plastic bag is too large for the size of the pail, a bungee strap or shock cord, can be stretched around the pail to hold the bag on.

You might label and write on the bucket, so there is no confusion about what the bucket is used for.


Other options for a DIY homemade toilet.

Another idea is to secure a dedicated toilet seat on to a fold-able camping stool. (Remove the fabric seat.) Place a bucket under it with a plastic bag. Or secure just a plastic bag under it.

Another one is to cut a hole in the camping seat and place a bucket under it as well.


Camping toilet

Above picture is a store brought camping toilet stool. A similar modification could be made to a camping chair or stool.


Using the homemade toilet bucket.

Place a plastic bag inside the bucket, under or over the noodle on the rim of the bucket. Do your business in the bag and place the toilet paper in the bag. If you are intending to use the bag a few times, cover the matter each time you use it with a layer of something like: Saw dust, kitty litter, leaves, dirt, sand, shredded newspaper, etc. This helps keep the smell down and cover the offending matter up. Place a lid on top to cover it.

Once the bag is used, (Or nearly full if you have limited resources.) tie the bag up and place it in another bag. Seal them up and place in another pail bucket or tub. (Place in the bin if the sanitation and garbage disposal services are running.)

Also you might spray some fragrance or disinfectant in and around the bucket. Remember to wash your hands properly when done.

You can use the homemade toilet bucket for camping with a group with some planning.

DIY homemade toilet bucket with tp and bags. 

Disadvantages of the system.

Controlling the smell and storage of the used bags can be a concern. By layering material on the used matter and swapping out the bag frequently and sealing in another bag, or and pail, or storage container, this can be controlled to a certain amount.

Hygiene discipline standards have to be kept very high with this method and especially if a large number of people use the one toilet. (A roster of cleaning the seat and swapping the bags out regularly could be used.)

If you are short of toilet paper, here are some good substitutes for toilet paper for home and the outdoors. (If using the normal working toilet sewage system, do not place tissues, wet wipes or paper towel down it, as it can block up the plumbing.)


Summary – How to make a homemade toilet bucket.

The DIY substitute toilet is easy and cheap to make. The advantage is, it is also portable and doesn’t take up much room. The toilet bucket is also pretty comfortable to sit on.

When not in use, you can store the pool noodle seat, trash bags, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc., in the bucket for storage. Ideal for being prepared and as a backup system.