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Things to Consider Before Buying a Tent


Things to consider before buying a tent.

Camping is a great hobby because it needs very little gear to start. You only need some minimal camping equipment to explore the many beautiful places and sites in the world.

Camping is ideal for any camping enthusiast, fisherman, hunter, backpacker who is passionate about the outdoors and nature.

If you are a regular camping lover, you’ll realize that a tent is one item that you need to get started. Camping Tents can be bought or rented depending on the camping duration or its purpose.

Purchasing a tent is like buying a piece of furniture, or an electronic device. You realize there are many options and choices to the extent that you get confused on the best one to pick. The confusion can push you to make a poor choice of a tent that may not be suitable for you.

So if you are confused about which tent to pick for your camping or any other purpose, or maybe you don’t understand the qualities to look for when choosing a suitable tent, then you are in the right place. The following are some of the things to consider before buying a tent.


What are the camping weather conditions going to be like?

Camping tents weather conditions

There are different tents meant for specific purposes and specific weather conditions. So, you need to be vigilant when buying one to avoid a mismatch of the purpose.

You realize that some tents are meant for the summer heat hence have the possibility to cool within with plenty of openings and mesh panels.

Other tents are good for the winter while others are suitable for the rainy seasons hence have a high waterproof rating.

Therefore, you should consider the weather conditions of the place in which you are going to use the tent. This will help you a great deal in narrowing down the options to pick from when going through things to consider before buying a tent.


How many people are going to use the tent?

Choosing a tent

There is a common misconception that tents have a capacity as indicated on their packages by the manufacturer.

Don’t assume that a six-person tent will comfortably accommodate six people. That may not be the case. A six-person tent may only accommodate four people comfortably, especially if they have to sleep in the tent.

Another example is a four person tent may only fit two people and some camping gear or luggage inside comfortable. (Or I should probably say, not too squashed up.)

Therefore, the specifications mean the number of individuals that can tightly fit within the tent without considering how comfortable they are and the extra space for luggage and other necessities.

Ensure that you pick a tent with enough space to accommodate things like bedding and extra space for storage. It would help if you thought about the tent’s purpose to the number of individuals to accommodate it at once.

Also, don’t ignore the height and sizes of the people to use the tent. Avoid situations where adults must strain so much to fit small tents.

A good tent for a longer camping trip ensures that an adult can stand while inside. Do not just think of a tent as a place to sleep during camping or a tour out.


Is the tent easy to set up?

If you are a frequent camper, you’ve probably witnessed some occasions when a tent becomes so complicated to set up. It can be frustrating to experience a situation when a single tent takes hours to set up simply because you can’t understand the process.

What is the need to have a fantastic and good-looking tent yet becomes so complicated when setting up?

Whether you are a whole family, a group of friends or you are just alone; you need to ensure that your tent is easy to set up to avoid delays and inconveniences during your trip or camping.

You can even try to set up the tent within the shop before you purchase it. You can do that with a shop assistant or any expert available to ensure that you understand how it is done.

REI tents and Cabelas have some models set up in the stores so you can get an idea of how big they are and what set up design they use. Besides, most tents come with manual directions on setting them up and maintaining them for the best experience.

If you can’t do all the trying at the shop, consider checking up video tutorials online to set up that specific tent before the camping day.

If you want to make the most of your camping or fishing time, then check out the Instant Tents Guide.

Pop up tents are also great for a quick setting up tent, although don’t have as much head room. Click on Pop Up Tents to for more information about them.


What is the weight of the tent?

Think of the distance you may need to cover carrying the tent depending on the use. If the tent isn’t for car camping, then you need to have it light hiking or backpacking tent, because you’ll be required to carry it most of the time.

Some tents are so big when packed that they can’t even fit an average car. Also, consider the power you need to set it up and move it from your vehicle. If you plan to have a small group that can’t lift or carry big stuff, maybe a big heavy duty canvas tent isn’t for your group.


Ventilation of the tent

Have you ever woken up in a damp tent only to find everything messed up due to lack of enough ventilation? If you haven’t experienced that, then you are lucky.

With a wrong ventilated tent, or not opening the air mesh panels, you will experience wetness, damp conditions and condensation in different parts of the tent, and other inconveniences depending on the weather conditions within your camping area. Consider buying a tent with good ventilation and a rain fly.

Also, ensure that you can minimize condensation by choosing a tent with large and well-placed vents.


Check the bathtub tent floor

The floor of a tent is one place that you should never overlook when purchasing a tent. If you are buying a family tent, you should ensure that the base is solid and durable because it is used more frequently.

Ensure that your tent floor is durable enough to protect your family and all the belongings from any moisture. If possible, you can buy a footprint together with your tent to protect it from anything sharp from the ground. Like sticks and rocks.

To make sure you pick a good location to pitch the tent, check out Camping Tips for more information.


What price is the tent?

The price factor is very crucial when buying any commodity, whether online or offline. We all have preferences and tests, and every aspect comes with a price tag.

If you have a fixed budget, consider working with it to avoid impulse buying. However, if you have enough money to spend on a tent, go for the best quality that fits your demand and preference.

Remember, if you choose to go for a cheap tent, it will cost you a high maintenance cost in the long run. Just like any other goods, tent prices vary depending on the quality, size, and use. Also, note that every store may have its set prices.

You need to compare various prices offered by different stores to come up with what suits your pocket and demands.

Don’t forget to check discounts or coupons offered by stores or manufacturers to ensure that you buy your tent at a pocket-friendly price.

Camping sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday camping sales are worth looking into. Cabelas, Amazon, Bass Pro, Moose Jaw and outdoor camping stores can have some big tent sales in the holidays.

Another thing to consider if buying the tent online is free shipping, as tents can be heavy and freight can be pricey.

A factor to consider is whether after-sales service is part of the deal. You may buy a fantastic tent only to find that it has a problem when fixing it. What are the chances that the seller or manufacturer will help you repair it or replace it? Buy your tent from a manufacturer that offers warranties and act upon it should there be a problem.


The materials used to make the tent

If you look at the materials used to make the tent you intend to buy, are they durable and of the best quality as per your demand? If a tent is made from canvas, it is waterproof, but the bad thing about it is that it can absorb a lot of water. Though, cotton-made tents are more durable than those made from other materials.

Tents made from polyester and nylon can get worse over time when exposed to excess sunlight, but they are waterproof as well. The issue of price also comes here clearly. The type of material used to make a tent also affects the price. Also, you should check the quality of poles used, the zip, the fly, and other materials to ensure that they are good quality.



The next time you go shopping for a perfect tent, consider the factors discussed above to come up with the best one that fits your requirements and demands.

Don’t forget that buying a tent is just like buying any other item, shop around and do some homework before buying a tent. So, you need to be cautious and consider doing a lot of research before spending your money on one.