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13 Of The Best Apps for Camping And Hiking

Best Apps for Camping And Hiking

In this article, we will review the best apps for camping and hiking. Navigation apps, maps, weather, first aid apps, etc., all these apps can help you enjoy and keep you safer when outdoors.

These top 13 apps are mostly free and available for both Android and Apple devices.


The Best Android and iOS Apps for Hiking and Camping

AllTrails – Free (Pro version $29.99)

All Trails hiking app.
This is a fantastic app for people who love hiking. The app provides reviews, maps, and details for over 100,000 hand-curated trails worldwide.

You can search trails and view maps online and offline. You can also filter searches to find trails that are pet-friendly, child-friendly, or handicap accessible.

One popular feature allows you to record your hiking stats such as time, distance, and elevation.

The pro version allows you to design and print your topographic maps and has several other features to satisfy hiking enthusiasts.


National Parks by Chimani – Free

National Parks app by Chimani
For people who love US national parks, this is the perfect app.

The app provides detailed guidelines regarding trails, amenities, and many historical or natural points of interest. The interactive maps work online or offline, and you can use them to navigate your way through several trails.


Seek by iNaturalist – Free

This is a fantastic app that educates users about various wildlife and plants using the camera on your phone. Take a picture of the plants or animals you want more information about, and the app will provide everything you need.

There is a GPS feature that identifies your location to provide you information regarding several species that may be specific to the area.

You will also see during which seasons certain species are more popular, and you can see where other users of the app may have seen it.


Mountain Project – Free

Mountain Project rock climbing app
For outdoor lovers who enjoy rock climbing, this is the perfect app.

The app maintains a comprehensive database of various climbing areas and the best routes to use.

You can utilize the database of over 150,000 routes, either online or offline. You can even choose a route based on the difficulty level.



FATMAP hiking app.
FATMAP is a fantastic app that works very similar to Google Earth. It provides 3-D maps for hiking, skiing, and biking.

The data is developed using satellite imagery on top of information regarding terrain, sport, and even the resort where applicable. The app has an option that provides for summer and winter images.

For skiers, the app provides avalanche bulletins and specific data regarding which lifts might be open.


Hiking Project – Free

Hiking Project app.
This helpful app provides information on over 100,000 miles of hiking trails nearest to you.

You can also download GPS route data and coordinates. There are interactive features as well, including trail photos and elevation profiles.

The app primarily functions as a guidebook, providing commentary on challenging features of a particular route, recommendations for you during planning, and even highlighting each trail.


Yahoo Weather – Free

No matter what outdoor activity is your favorite, it is imperative to be aware of the weather before planning your next outdoor excursion.

This amazing weather app provides several outstanding features, including extended forecast, pressure readings, precipitation chances, the times for the sunrise and sunset, and much more.


ViewRanger – Free (Premium version $4.99/year)

This is a hiking app that is similar to many others and has some unique and helpful features. There is an augmented reality tool, Skyline, which allows users to explore points of interest using their cameras. 3-D Flyovers is an additional option that allows you to zoom around hiking areas to understand the areas around you better.

One of the best aspects of the app is the BuddyBeacon feature.

This feature allows you to share your real-time GPS location with your friends, and you can track theirs as well if they are using the app.

The premium version comes with offline mapping packs and topographical maps.



For snow sporting enthusiast, this app encourages socialization by connecting snowboarders and skiers with nearby athletes. You can track your route and even have a competition with other snowboarders or skiers nearby.

The tracking technology functions well with or without an Internet connection. Measure stats, including altitude, vertical drop, and speed.

You can also check the snow conditions at various ski resorts worldwide.


SAS Survival Guide – Free (Premium version $5.99)

This is one of the best apps for camping and hiking and for general bushcraft and survival.

While some of the bushcraft and survival tips are not detailed much, there are however, a lot of beneficial survival tips and tricks. Field knowledge on things like tracking animals, using Morse code, or identifying various plants.

With a multitude of additional features, this is a fantastic app for surviving in the wild or for use in emergency situations.


Ramblr – Free

Ramblr navigation app
Users of this app are a close community of hiking lovers who appreciate the opportunity to create a virtual journal of their adventures. These journals can include photographs, useful pieces of data, and even GPS points.


MTB Project – Free

This app was created explicitly with mountain bikers in mind. The app features over 100,000 miles of trail and allows you to plan your adventures by creating a full GPS route ahead of time.

You can also track your progress as you go and get information about nearby points of interest or elevation profiles.


First Aid – Free

Red Cross First Aid App for hiking and camping.

This is an app from the American Red Cross.

It is a fantastic app for providing information on what to do in the event of an emergency.

The app provides step-by-step information on dealing with realistic scenarios such as broken bones or minor burns. Videos and diagrams are offered to provide further exclamations.


Easier and safer camping and hiking through technology.

The Internet has changed society in several drastic ways. Children no longer play outdoors as they used to in years past. The connectivity has made the world a smaller place. It is not unusual to have more friends online than you may have been in real life. However, despite all this, hiking and camping is still an extremely popular outdoor activity.

While the Internet has not destroyed many people’s love for hiking and camping, it has brought several changes to this popular outdoor activity. For example, several apps have made being outdoors much safer and more enjoyable.


Conclusion – The best Android and iOS apps for camping and hiking.

While these 13 apps are superb for people who cannot get enough of enjoying outdoor adventures, there are several other free and paid apps then you can use for almost any outdoor activity.

Prioritize your safety, prepare for emergencies, and most importantly, all have fun.

These apps can help you with all of that and more. While the Internet and technology have kept people more attached to their devices than ever, we can still use them to further enhance almost any of the things we love to do outdoors.

Download the apps you feel might be most useful for you and start planning your next outdoor adventure!


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