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14 Of The Best RV Apps To Save Money & Time. 

Best RV apps.
Every person who travels in an RV, whether alone or with their clan, needs different things out of the trip. Luckily, there are great RV apps for those who want to boondock away from the world, as well as apps to find the best overnight RV parking in the city.

Additionally, there are apps specific to any nationwide campgrounds or camping groups you belong to. Finally, you can plan your trip and get cheap gas along the way with another app.

Wow, all that with a few simple clicks.

Best RV Apps for Route Planning, Including Maps and Fuel.

Copilt app for RVs

If you’re either new to the road or new to a rig of your size, consider installing CoPilot RV Mobile Navigation. There is a fee for this app, but having information related to your vehicle class and size can be a great comfort to someone new to the road or new to a bigger rig.

RV app Campendium
If you’re on a long-haul trip and need to get some rest in the middle of your travels, keep Campendium open. This free app will direct you to free camping, boondocking sites, and give you reviews on overnights in truck stops, restaurants, or big retail establishments.

For those who need to both sleep and stock up on supplies, install Overnight Parking Finder so you know which Walmart or other big box store will let you stay and any recent security issues. For those who love a movie before bed, you can also find the nearest RedBox!

For those who aren’t used to driving a motorhome, your fuel consumption may be a bit of a jolt the first few times you have to fill up, so keep GasBuddy on your phone so you can keep your expenses down.

GasBuddy RV app for fuel savings.

Best RV Apps to Help You Stop and Stay Awhile.

For those on the road full time, a weather app is critical. WeatherBug is free and offers a lot of tracking options specific to RV life. For example, you can track not only temperature, precipitation, and freeze warnings, but you can check up on:

  • wildfires
  • lightning strikes
  • volcanic activity
  • wind risks

Check the locations along your route and add nearby cities to your WeatherBug app so you will get notifications of any weather worries along the way.

RV app Passport America.
If you do find that you need to adjust your plans because of weather or fires, download Passport America. The app is free, but a membership to Passport America does come with a fee of less than $50 per year.

There are nearly 1,6000 campgrounds that offer a Passport America discount, and the price break can be substantial. Your membership can pay for itself pretty quickly, and if you need to readjust your travel plans quickly, this app can really come in handy as you re-book your stay from the road.


Best RV Camping App for Boondockers.

If you like to get far from the crowds, consider adding iOverlander to your app library. This app is ideal for boondockers, distance hikers, and those who like to really get away from it all. When you install this app, be aware that you’ve joined a community. Please feel free to:

  • Add comments about any changes you notice from what’s on the app.
  • Donate if you’re able.

Most importantly, this app will give you some data when there’s no signal. Some features won’t update, but you can still get info from this app when even 3g is far behind you.

AllTrails hiking app.
If you like to park, lock up and stretch your legs, install AllTrails. This is another app that can still give you data when you’re out of range, and can even help you pinpoint your location on the trail when data is down.

Additionally, dedicated hikers would do well to add an Offline Survival Manual or other emergency care app for the “just in case” scenario. Remember to pack: appropriate clothing, water, first aid kit, survival blanket or a tarp/shelter, a few ways to get a campfire going, map and compass for the hike. (How To Use A Compass – Step By Step.)

Of course, if you’re going to boondock, you’ll need to dump your tanks. The RV Dump Stations App will help you plan your exit and get back on the road quickly.


Best RV Apps for Supply Runs.

American Farmers Markets app for fresh produce.
If you’re passing through the big city on your way to a favorite campground, you may need to stop and fill up on propane, water or supplies. Treat yourself to the bounty of the region and install the Farmers Market app. These app creators are excited to help you find the best food and need your input, so please make notes on any changes in location, hours or items for sale that you find.

The Walmart app is popular with a lot of RVers. You can get water, propane, and groceries all at one stop. For those concerned about social distancing, you can easily switch stores, place your order, and pick it up when you arrive.

For those who are full up on food but need other supplies, consider installing the Lowe’s app or other hardware store. You can easily load up on more propane or pick up hardware and lumber for an RV update.

Finally, don’t forget your Cabela’s app. There are many Cabela’s stores that offer overnight parking and even have a free dump station. If you plan to chase some bass or trout, remember to pick up some fishing equipment and spare hooks.


A Word About Overnight Parking With RVs.

It’s important to note that businesses that offer overnight parking need to follow local rules. While Walmart and Cabela’s may allow motorhomes parking as a business entity, local restrictions may not allow it. If you’re planning a long trip and plan to do some parking lot hopping:

  • Call ahead to confirm you’ll be allowed to stay.
  • Get there before dark if possible and talk to the manager about any local info that might be good to know, preferably while pushing a full cart.
  • Keep your rig trimmed up: no slides or awnings out.
  • Park in designated spot.
  • Leave early if possible.

Put these apps to work and hit the road so you can get to your destination safely, with no surprises and without busting your fuel budget.

We hoped you enjoyed the best RV apps and have a fantastic trip.

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