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10 RV Camping Tips For Beginners.

RV camping tips for beginners.
You may be a bit stressed as you pack for your first ever RV trip. You even may wonder whether you have packed all the items that you need for the trip. Regardless of the time the trip will take, you’ll need gear, food, cooking supplies, and clothing, among other items. As long as you’re prepared, organized, and have some RV packing tips you should have an adventure and some fun.


Here are some RV camping tips for beginners.

1. Come up with a list.

RVing camping tips
When you think about what is the best way to pack the RV? Think about how each day will look like.

Are you going to do some activities like: fishing, paddle boarding, kayak fishing, biking, surfing and hiking? Or just take it easy and enjoy the outdoors? Come up with a list of the clothing and gear you need for each of these activities. Also, don’t forget that some of this specific gear might be expensive, and it cannot be easily replaced during the trip.

If you can come up with a daily routine of the activities you’ll be doing and how it effects the packing. Such as if you plan on doing plenty of camp cooking you will need the food and ingredients and cooking items for the kitchen.

Another example if you are doing plenty of swimming in good weather, you will need plenty of towels for the bathroom, spare bathers, etc.

Ensure you’ve also packed essentials such as beddings and remember the comfy camping chairs after a hard day touring or exploring.


2. Safeguarding your plans.

There are plenty of RV mobile applications that allow people to download maps, photos, campground info, and they can use them while offline. Such apps make trip planning easier, and you’ll be well prepared for your trip.

Some of the best RV apps are also free. Or the popular paid ones are not that expensive and can save a lot of time and give you plenty of information and options for the trip.


3. Bring the entertainment on.

Although you might spend a considerable amount of time outdoors as you explore the wild places, you probably still have time to watch a movie or two.

While the streaming services, such as Netflix may get a workout from the kids, for those days when it’s raining and the latest movies have been watched, remember to bring the classic board games.


4. Planning the meals for the RV trip.

Plan all your meals and come up with a list of food items you’ll need for the trip. Avoid over packing the RV with food that is perishable.

Carry some already prepared food so that you’ll not spend large sums of money on food items at grocery stores in remote regions. Prepare some chopped up vegetables from home and freeze them before you hit the road.

Stews, pastas, grill meats and stir fries can be easy to make with a bit of planning. Soups can also be a quick and easy meal when you are hungry but don’t want a huge meal.

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Carry basic RV and camping tools.

One of the suitable RVing tips for beginners includes ensuring you have a DIY attitude when engaging in such activities. Carry the necessary tools you’ll use. A shovel is always handy along with extra rope, starter cables, and a spare tarp. Remember the trusty and rusty old tool box for emergencies.


6. Dump tanks early.

Water tanks are heavy. It is advisable to keep small amounts of water in the tanks to ensure everything won’t get sticky. When the water tanks are filled to the brim, the RV will be weighed down. Unless you’re dry camping, you can utilize the water supply present at the campgrounds. Check before you go though, just in case. The black tanks should also be emptied often.


7. Pack light and ensure everything is even.

The travel experience should ensure you’re happy as you carry around lightweight items. The same case should apply when you’re RVing, and you’ll be safer as well.

Such RVing tips for beginners come in handy since you’ll manage to strike a balance such that one side won’t be heavier than the other. Uneven weight on the RV can prove hazardous, which means you should keep everything light and even.

After you’re done packing, ensure you have gone through the weighing station. Determine the weight of the RV before hitting the road to ensure it’s not overweight. You will save on gas as well.

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8. Leave breakable items at home.

Bumpy roads can bring about some issues, and some items can break during the journey.

While it might be good to cook in grandma’s favorite crockpot on the road, there’s a chance things might get broken during the journey. Leave the breakable or irreplaceable items at home and carry items that are not breakable.

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9. Try a practice RV camping trip first.

As a beginner, it is sensible to take part in a practice trip. It’ll help you feel what it means to go camping with a new RV. You’ll also manage to sort out any issues with the RV. Take a short test trip to a campground near you. During such a trip, you’ll learn more about your RV’s systems.

Before taking part in a larger trip, you should have an good understanding of your RV’s holding tanks and how you should dump them. Make sure you know your way around all the features present in the RV.

The test run is also a good time to test what type of food to take and Ways To Cook While Camping.

If you enjoy cooking with the open fire, check out Campfire Cooking Tips for some ideas and safe tips.


10. Choosing a campsite.

If you are going to visit a popular location, ensure you’ve made a reservation.

Most of the popular RV destinations are booked throughout the year in advance, which means you should always call before visiting such an area. If you drive all the way to the campsite only to realize it’s full, you’ll be disappointed. Besides making reservations, additional RV camping tips for beginners include:

Checking reviews- you can use Google to check for the reviews posted by individuals who recently visited the camp. You’ll learn more about the campsite’s management and whether the facilities are in good condition.

Using Google Maps Satellite View- the satellite view will ensure you’ll get a feel of what it means to navigate the entire campground even before the visit.

Most campgrounds charge cheaply for weekly reservations as compared to nightly reservations. If you’re going to camp for a prolonged period, you’ll manage to save a significant amount of money by reviewing the weekly and monthly rates before you make a reservation.


Conclusion – RV camping tips for beginners.

As a beginner who is interested in RVing, hopefully some of these tips above may come in handy. With a bit of planning, they will help to ensure that your RVing trip was a memorable experience.

Enjoy the trip and have fun on the road.


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