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10 Travel Trailer Must Have Accessories To Make Life Easier On The Road


Travel Trailer Must Have Accessories

Owning a travel trailer or RV can be a big investment. So now you have a travel trailer and are ready to hit the road, it is time to consider what travel trailer accessories to maximize your enjoyment.

Here is a list of 10 travel trailer must have accessories. Some of the items and tools fit in the must have gear, other items just make life easier on the road and are optional.


List Of Travel Trailer Accessories

Travel Trailer Accessories


1. Reversing Camera.

An accessory that makes life easier on the road, especially when backing into a campsite is a reversing camera. Not only does it make life easier parking the travel trailer or RV, but it can pay for itself by helping to avoid those costly accidents when parking and reversing.

Tree limbs, stumps, ditches, large rocks, and picnic tables can all be obstacles backing a travel trailer into a pitch. A reverse camera also makes it much easier to center the travel trailer in the campsite with a reverse camera.

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2. Stackable and Collapsible Cook Ware.

When outfitting the travel trailer for the trip of a lifetime, or just a relaxing weekend away, you might discover the premium placed on space. (The travel trailer or motorhome is never big enough inside!)

Modern travel trailer kitchens are efficient and are equipped with all of the appliances and conveniences. The travel trailer shelving and storage space is designed for maximum utilization of storage.

An investment in stackable pots and cookware pays huge dividends. In the space of a single pot, multiple stackable pots and pans can utilize the same space. Bowls and storage containers can take a huge amount of space. In the space of a single bowl a stackable will open up a ton of storage options.

When glasses are stacked in the cabinet and the caravan is bouncing down a rough road, glass pieces are not happy. Consider quality plastic glasses, cookery, or any other items that can jostle around and break.


3. Portable 12-volt fan.

If your travel trailer has an aircon, that is great, however, it will require a generator or mains electricity for it to work. When the camping trip by your favorite fishing spot does not have main power, nor do you have a generator, a portable 12-volt fan is a must have item.

Even in the times’ power is available for an air conditioner unit, it does not help you outside on a hot day.

It is hard to beat a constant, cool breeze blowing while the family is sitting outside as only a compact, powerful 12-volt can. If the fan is rechargeable, it can provide more freedom.

It can be used in an additional tent for the kids as well when camping.


4. Towing mirrors.

Good visibility on the road, both in front and back, is a necessity for safety and protecting the RV investment. Either temporary clip-on mirrors or permanently extended mirrors should be considered a must-have on any trip.

It is imperative to have a clear view of the road, both forward and what is behind you. When a big rig or pick-up truck passes by, you do not want to be surprised, staying alert of the road environment at all times is much easier with towing mirrors.


5. Travel trailer tool-kit.

A travel trailer can be a complex piece of equipment. There are many different components all working together in harmony to provide the ultimate in the camping experience. However, every plumbing connection, electrical connection, or mechanical component is a potential failure point.

When camping in the wilderness a critical failed component of the travel trailer can typically be repaired on the spot, or at least fixed temporarily. However, as there are so many different systems on a travel trailer you must have an inclusive tool-kit.

A good tool-kit can help save a ruined camping adventure. A tool kit like from a RV accessory store is worth investing in. Also you can also use the tools for your vehicle in a an emergency.


6. First aid kit.

Part of the lure of camping adventures is exactly what the name implies, an adventure. On any adventure, you can never know for sure what to expect and that is partly what makes it exciting.

Those pesky insect bites, sunburns, sprains, and nasty cuts will need to be quickly addressed. Safety and enjoyment of the camping trip will be improved with a first aid kit.

Camping stores, like REI, Cabelas and Amazon have plenty of camping, personal and vehicle first aid kits to choose from.


7. Wheel chocks and leveling.

Now that we have the travel trailer in the perfect camping spot, we need to make sure it is securely parked. The easiest way, to do this is to invest in some colorful, plastic wheel chocks. They may pay for themselves the next morning when you unhitch the car and they prevent the travel trailer from rolling into the back of your vehicle.

These sturdy chocks are lightweight and stack together saving valuable space. Easy to implement, chocks assures the travel trailer is secure in its spot. And a level travel trailer is a happy one.

Leveling can be as simple as plastic chocks and leveling ramps. Or, on the upper end of the technology, built-in automated leveling systems. Whatever type of leveling you opt for, place this at the top of your must-have list.


8. Towball scales.

A relatively inexpensive accessory and yet should be considered indispensable. Correct towball weight may mean the difference between safe travel trailer towing and legality issues.

Scales can be invaluable in the correct weight ratio from your vehicle to the travel trailer. If the weight is too heavy, braking and other issues can impact safety.

Too light of towball weight and battle caravan sway. Safe towing is always the goal and correct towball weight assured the best possible outcome.


9. Power generators.

What to do when the deep cycle batteries need re-charging and the solar panels can’t charge them fast enough? The heat of the day and the aircon needs the power to run? The answer to your problems is a portable generator.

Whether making the holiday adventure more enjoyable for the family or to furnish the power for the fridge, a portable, power generator will not let you down.


10. Outdoor camping furniture.

Now you are all set up, ready to go outside and all you have to set on is a wonky tool. The water is calling, you are ready to go and relax but don’t have a lounger. You went through all the trouble of planning the perfect holiday
adventure, don’t short yourself being comfortable outside!

Portable chairs, easy to pack loungers, and even foldable picnic tables are indispensable!


Conclusion – Travel Trailer Must Have Accessories

A travel trailer holiday is a great experience, what makes a RV holiday a wonderful experience is to have the travel trailer accessories to make it a lot easier and quicker to set up.

Remember to check if your travel trailer or RV insurance provider will cover some of these accessories.

This allows more sightseeing time with the family or fishing time for yourself. Either way check out some tools and travel trailer gear to help your holiday.