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RV and Travel Trailer Accessories.

RV and Travel Trailer Accessories
There is nothing like a great RV adventure. It does not matter if you like the outdoors or the open road. It is an experience that everyone should try at least once in their life.

The RVing community is filled with amazing people. A vacation in an RV allows you to experience the country in exciting and unique ways.

However, before starting upon a great American adventure, you need to make sure you are smart and safe on the roads and that you will have everything you might need for any situation you may encounter. We have put together a shortlist of essential RV and travel trailer accessories. You will want to take these with you on your next trip in an RV.

Motor home and travel trailer accessories. Couple enjoying camping with travel trailer.

You might not need every item on this list below for your trip, but you do not want to get caught without them.


First aid kit

Accidents or medical emergencies can happen at any time. In an RV, you never know how far away you may be from professional medical assistance. Having a first aid kit on board is critical because it allows you to take care of minor accidents and provide you with the necessary items to give you the much needed time to get to professional medical help.

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Fire extinguisher

No matter how careful you may be, a fire can happen at any time. You could have a kitchen fire, electrical fire, or even a campfire that you need to extinguish on an RV. When you need to put a fire out, seconds can be crucial. Therefore, never depart for your RV vacation without a quality fire extinguisher.


Handheld vacuum

Sometimes people forget that an RV is not just a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. It also is where you’ll most likely be living during the duration of your vacation. And therefore, for the sake of everyone on board, bring a handheld vacuum so that everyone is able to clean up after themselves and help prevent the RV from becoming a nasty or undesirable environment.


Waste holding tank and treatment

One of the big conveniences of being in an RV is not needing to stop when nature calls. Having a bathroom facility onboard provides yet an additional layer of comfort that you cannot find in traditional on-road vehicles. However, a waste holding tank on an RV works much differently than a conventional toilet. You must be aware of the proper dumping and flushing techniques, and it would be best if you used appropriate chemicals to help deodorize and break down solids.


Sewer Hose

Sewer hose is a critical part of cleaning out your waste holding tank. Every time you stop at the campground, it will allow you the opportunity to clean out your unit. Make sure to get a high-quality hose made out of durable materials. You do not want a hose that may be prone to cracks or holes. Also, a hose with a see-through connector will be the best option. This will allow you to determine when the water is clean during the process of flushing out your tank.


Trailer reverse camera

Driving an RV in reverse is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you have to squeeze into a tight space.

Some models even come with sensors to notify you when you may be too close to another object. Equipping your RV with a trailer reverse camera can help you tremendously and increase your chances of avoiding an unfortunate accident.


GPS tracking system

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. A GPS tracking system can help you locate your RV in the event of a theft. It can also help you find your RV if you cannot recall precisely where you may have parked. Should you need to call for emergency assistance, you can better guide law-enforcement or medical personnel to your exact location using a GPS tracking system.

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Power Inverter

One of the benefits of vacationing in an RV is having many of the comforts of home. A power inverter will help to invert power from your RV batteries so that you can operate kitchen appliances, televisions, computers, and more.


Tire Chocks

Tire chocks are essential at many campgrounds to better secure and stabilize an RV when parked and unhitched. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They also can be utilized in several different ways. You would need to make sure to get the size appropriate for your RV and use them in a configuration that provides the most stability.


Surge protector

Unfortunately, at some campgrounds, you may experience power spikes or dips in power. An unsteady electrical source can do significant damage to the appliances or any devices connected to your RV electrical system.

A portable surge protector can easily plug into an RV’s cord set. For an even better job of electrical protection, a hardwired electrical management system would be the best option to protect against all types of electrical malfunctions.


Bonus Tip – Heavy-duty disposable gloves

There are many instances during your time on an RV where you may get your hands dirty. Having heavy duty disposable gloves is crucial not only for cleanliness but protection as well. You could be dealing with grease, dirt, sewage, or more at any point in time. Never forget to keep plenty of pairs of these gloves on board and protect your hands from minor cuts, scrapes, or germs.



There is more to safely enjoying an RV vacation than these RV and travel trailer accessories. The items on this list are a great start in preparing for your next trip.

Do not hesitate to talk to other RV owners about other things that are great to have on hand. Also, look to join various groups online that regularly travel in RVs. They can be a tremendous source of information regarding additional items you may want to bring and safety habits to be mindful of.

Being safe and prepared is the best way to ensure your enjoyment of an RV vacation. The more you get used to it, the better and easier it will be to keep you and your loved ones safe and ready to handle almost any situation that could arise.


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