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Travel Trailer Covers: Do You Need One?


Travel trailer covers

The weather conditions of  North America can be very harsh in most states. From hot and dusty winds, to heavy downpours and snow in some areas. The tough environment is not good for a travel trailer that is in the open and unprotected. If you live within this area, you’ll agree that any bad weather is hard on the travel trailer.

It is not always possible to put the travel trailer (bumper-pull or caravan) under cover in in a garage. But, you should protect the travel trailer just like any other important or valuable item, so you need to get a cover to ensure that it is well protected.

There have been many mixed reviews as far as choosing the best cover for a travel trailer is concerned. Many people believe that covers are important for travel trailer, while others believe that it can still survive well without the covers.

So, are travel trailer covers worth buying? The answer is simple. Why would you spend thousands of dollars buying a valuable item and leave it unprotected in the weather?

As such, there are several modern covers that you can pick from the market.

It would help if you did a small research to find out the size that suits your travel trailer model.

Most covers for travel trailer are waterproof and dustproof for maximum protection. You also need to ensure that you buy a UV stabilized cover to ensure that it is durable enough to help you avoid frequent replacement.

(The cheap ones will perish quickly with sun and high winds.)

You also need to research the best brand of covers in the market and the size and quality that fits your travel trailer. One big tip is to get a brand name one, not a budget one that has no history of being reliable.


Why Should Purchase a Travel Trailer?

Covering up travel trailer


1. Protection from Harsh weather conditions

The main purpose of a caravan cover is always to protect that which is inside the cover. The covers, therefore protect travel trailer from rain, dust or any other external damage in the long run.

Do you know that simple droppings from the birds can damage the painting of your RV, vehicle or your travel trailer?

Travel trailer covers protect from the bird droppings, tree sap and gunk to your caravan while keeping it as clean as possible. What’s more, a good brand and designed covers can also prevent dampness because they prevent rainwater from easily reaching the travel trailer exterior.


It Protects your Caravan from Fading

You’ve probably experienced fading of cars duco because of UV rays and the motor-homes, travel trailer exterior can be damaged the same way.

The covers also protect your travel trailer from adverse UV rays to avoid damages where necessary. Sunlight can be a weapon to your travel trailer in one way or another.

For instance, the seals of the travel trailer doors or windows may get damaged because of unfavorable sunlight. Also, it causes cracks or flaking of car paints. So, it would be best if you covered your travel trailer to keep it away from such conditions.


It Helps Avoid any Scratches while on the Move

You can get some covers that shield the front of the motor home, camper trailer and travel trailer that are designed for traveling. These covers help protect the RVs from stone chips flicked up by your vehicle and other cars.

Have you noticed that sometimes your travel trailer gets damaged in the moving process? The damage can be scratched by objects, debris or even attacks by kids while on the road. Covers can help you keep it clean and away from scratches and such damages. Remember, if you must cover your travel trailer while on transit, ensure that it is a smooth textured one that won’t damage your travel trailer due to a friction between the trailer body and the cover.


Offers Security

The best advantage is that nobody can easily identify the model or type of your travel trailer. Also, people cannot see through to have a glance at what is carried within the RV. This helps you keep away any possible thieves that may be interested in stealing your travel trailer or anything you are carrying on transit.

While it is not a substitute for a trailer lock, wheel clamps and travel trailer insurance, a cover may not prevent any thieves stealing your travel trailer or motorhome, but it stops prying eyes and is an extra layer of protection.


Taking Care of your Travel Trailer Cover

Types of travel trailer covers

Buying a cover is one thing and taking care of it is another thing. If you’ve chosen the quality of a good cover for your travel trailer, you must maintain the quality. The following are some ways of maintaining your cover to ensure that it is protected in the long run.


Clean Your Cover Regularly

If you want your travel trailer cover to last longer, you should learn how to clean it well. If your cover is made up of good fabrics, then cleaning it shouldn’t be a problem. You need clean, warm water and a soft brush. Avoid the harsh pressure washer so it doesn’t rip some fabrics.

In case there are strong stains on your cover, add a little detergent to help remove the stains.

Ensure that you use just the normal strength powder or detergent in the water. Note that strong detergents and chemicals are not recommendable for washing your cover because most of them give the cover a low-quality look. Also, the strong detergent could particularly block the spores of the fabric leading to poor effectiveness.


Check Your Cover

At one time or another, unfortunately your cover may get damaged, and this can be beyond your control, such as high winds. What you need to do is to ensure it is serviced regularly. Consider mending any little breakage or damage of any part of the cover immediately. Check out the zips or Velcro straps occasionally to ensure they are intact. This you can do during washing or taking it off the travel trailer.

Services to your cover ensure that it gives your maximum protection without leakages or any other problems in the long run. Note that you should do any repairs to your covers immediately; it is spotted to avoid further damages after negligence.

Check periodically that when the cover is on the travel trailer or RV, that it isn’t holding or pooling any moisture or water.


Store the Covers Well

Before you buy a cover for your travel trailer, consider knowing the size capacity and state of storage it requires. If you store your cover well without any inconvenience, you can be sure of enjoying its services for a long. Good storage of a cover ensures that it is protected from debris and any other thing that could damage it. The storage should be a cool and dry place when not in use, avoiding moisture that could cause damp or mold on it.

Make sure rodents and insects can’t get in or they may chew the material and call it home.


What Types of Travel Trailer Covers Are There?

There are many types of covers available in the market that you can pick depending on the type of caravan you want to cover. Amazon, eBay and dedicated travel trailer stores can sell them.

A cover’s importance is to ensure that it is the right size and sometimes RV and travel trailer specific in respect to the shape. That’s why it is a good idea to have your travel trailer measurements right before you purchase its cover. As well as size, value, and quality are worth considering.

Here are three main types of travel trailer.


1. Ready-Made Covers

Ready-made covers, also called universal covers for travel trailer, come in different shapes and sizes. They are tightly made to fit a travel trailer with an elastic skirt at the bottom line. These covers are cheap and can be affordable, but sometimes you get what you pay for in quality.


2. Semi Tailored Covers

These are travel trailer specific covers. They are designed to fit a specific type and work well if you are buying it and testing its size on the spot. If you don’t try it in advance, you could end up having a bigger cover or a smaller cover for your travel trailer or motorhome.


3. Made to Measure Covers

Made to measure covers is the most recommendable type of travel trailer cover. However they can be costly.

These covers are suitable for any travel trailer lover because they are tailor-made according to your type and requirements. If you want to buy a made-to-measure cover, you need to measure your travel trailer and define the qualities of the cover you choose. That way, the experts can design what rightfully suits your travel trailer.



Remember, travel trailer covers are crucial if you want to keep your travel trailer protected and well maintained.

In North America, Canada, England and Australia, a lot of the climates and weather conditions can be harsh for the travel trailer (caravan or bumper-pull) out in the open, it needs some protection. If you are a motor home, RV or travel trailer owner, you must have faced the challenges faced when they are not covered during adverse weather conditions. Whether you are on holiday or not, your travel trailer should have a good cover that gives it the ultimate protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

Also, note that there is more importance of covers than protection from weather conditions and general wear and tear. They can also stop the exterior, decals, seals and trims from fading from the sun.

Ensure that you buy the best quality brand cover appropriate for the travel trailer and don’t forget to maintain them for a long-lasting experience.