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Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000


Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000

If you love fishing as a regular pastime, then kayak fishing is something you will love doing.

With a kayak, you can access fishing spots where you can make some great catches. However, to enjoy your fishing activity, you need a good kayak. From pedal kayaks to sit-in and inflatable kayaks, having a very durable kayak is the only way you are going to enjoy your time fishing.

Below, we review some of the best fishing kayaks under $1000 for beginners. We look at the best seller, value and best quality fishing kayak.

In addition, we also answer relevant questions about kayaking and provide helpful tips on how to select a very good fishing kayak.


Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

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  1. Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Deluxe Package

What’s great about buying this fishing kayak is that you buy the complete package and never have to spend cash buying anything else since the package contains most, if not all you need to go kayak fishing. That is what you get with this Sea Eagle Kayak Deluxe Package. It is 11.2 inches long and comes with two paddles, a storage bag, a foot pump, two seats, repair kits, and an inflatable spray skirt.

Sea Eagle is a perfectly structured kayak that allows you to paddle through calm waters or fast fishing currents. It also has a repair kit just in case there is a need to carry out repairs. In addition, there is a self-bailing drain valve for water expelling, which is great as that makes your work easier when discharging seawater from the vessel.

The kayak is NMMA certified and is very safe for use, so if you are looking for a fishing kayak under $1000, this is a very good option.


  • 3 deluxe and 1-way valve
  • It has a grab line and a bow stern
  • Double skegs for tracking and speed

What we liked

  • Pretty fast
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to inflate
  • Quality accessories

What we didn’t like

  • A little complicated to install
  • Not ideal for very strong currents


  1. Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak Set

Intex has a variety of kayaks, but the Challenger is one of the best models ever produced by the company. This model is quite light but remains stable. As you work the paddles on both sides, it glides through the water without swaying too much due to your body movement. The cockpit is super comfortable and is quite spacious. The way the floor is structured also adds further stability to the vessel to create extra comfort.

If you prefer directional movement, you can remove the skeg to achieve just that. Intex Challenger is a 1 man kayak with an inflatable seat and an extra backrest, so no matter how long you remain in it, rest assured that you will feel relaxed and comfortable as you paddle and fish. Another feature that gives the Intex Challenger a pass mark is the oars made of high-quality aluminum.

The oar is 84 inches long and has a durable hand pump and a repair patch. The vinyl construction of the Challenger makes it a valuable vessel for stormy water and calm seas. If you must go kayak fishing, go with a kayak whose quality you can trust. Fish with the Challenger.


  • 30x15x108 inches long
  • 12.18 kilograms in weight
  • Inflatable beam floors
  • Aluminum oars

What we liked?

  • Stable balance
  • Very rugged and durable
  • Quite cheap
  • Very comfortable

What we didn’t like?

  • A little too heavy
  • Requires strength to paddle at a fast pace


  1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Another best fishing kayak under $1000 is this K2 model by Intex. This model is a 2 person kayak designed for adults of every size. The seats have a backrest like every other Intex kayak. It is very comfortable and quite spacious to accommodate two anglers. This kayak is made for smaller water bodies and not large ones. Also, the Skeg is detachable, so you are free to leave it on or remove it if you want directional stability.

The K2 is also structured in such a way as to allow improved visibility. The benefit of this is two-fold. Firstly, anglers can see far ahead while paddling through the water. Secondly, the bright yellow color makes the kayak visible amidst stormy water so other boaters can see it clearly.

If you are looking for a kayak to fish in mild rivers and lakes, the K2 is an ideal option. It will not cost you too much either; however, you get to use it for many years because it is built with durable materials.


  • 2-persin kayak
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • 10x3x3x1x8 inches full size
  • Aluminum oars

What we liked?

  • Very attractive vessel
  • Bright colors for enhanced visibility
  • Easy to set up

What we didn’t like?

  • Not ideal for rough current
  • The stern tilts forward when fully inflated


  1. Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak Blue

The Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak is one of the best 1-man Kayak money can buy if you are looking for something smaller, lighter and faster. What the Sevylor lacks in size, it makes up for in speed and balance. And in any case, who needs speed when comfort and efficiency are guaranteed.

Sevylor is very easy to set up in 5 minutes or less. It is also easy to transport as it is made in the form of a backpack so you can pack and unpack with ease. Even the seat and backrest are foldable too. Spotting a 21 gauge PVC tarpaulin, the bottom is designed to handle the rigors of lakes with strong currents.

And in the event that you encounter a snag as you paddle, rest assured that the multiple air chambers will kick into gear to help you get back to dry ground safely. Lest we forget, Sevylor has a bungee storage unit for keeping your drinks and gear for easy access when needed.


  • Double lock valves
  • Multiple air chambers
  • 8.7 inches long
  • Tarpaulin construction
  • Multiple footrests

What we liked?

  • User-friendly features
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Quite sturdy when fully inflated
  • Durable protection from punctures

What we didn’t like?

  • The sitting chamber is not very wide
  • Paddling with one chamber deflated is obviously harder


  1. BKC FK 184 Single Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

If you are an angler who prefers to sit on top kayaks, this is another very good option to consider. It is 9ft long and comes with a seat and a paddle. BKC is a great option that has all the features to make your fishing expedition a worthwhile experience. Are you a lover of watersports, or do you love lake fishing? This kayak is one that will not leave you disappointed.

You can paddle it upstream or downstream without qualms, and it will obey the commands of your paddle. Contained in the package are all the accessories you need, some of which include 2 waterproof hatches, 2 paddles, 5 rod holders, an adjustable aluminum paddle, and a tie-down bungee cargo. What’s more? It is made of single-piece polyethylene material for easy inflation.

BKC is ideal for leisure sport and fishing. With this vessel, you can navigate through fast-flowing currents and also cast your reel without stress.


  • Big Density Roto Polyethylene fabric
  • 4 flush mount holders
  • 330 lbs weight capacity

What we liked?

  • Double waterproof storage
  • Strong bungee cord included
  • Allows fishing while standing
  • Extra-large cargo area

What we didn’t like?

  • Takes time to set up
  • The mount holders rods may interfere with your speed when paddling fast


  1. Perception Pescador Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

The last fishing kayak under $1000 we want to review is this Perception Pescador Sit on Top Kayak. It has a pedal drive and an adjustable lawn chair with tackle storage areas. The Perception Pescador offers anglers more value than the price it is sold for. With a customized storage and spacious sitting area, this is another very good and efficient sit-on-top kayak to make our list.

Perception has a pilot drive system for peddling just in case you don’t want to use hand paddles. In addition, the one-piece construction is leak-proof with an advanced buoyancy for extra safety. As for a place to store your personal effects, you have nothing to worry about because this kayak has two storages. One in front and the other at the rear.

The Perception Pescador also has fish finder consoles and rod holders for angling. Do note that this vessel is best suited for coastal waters and slow-moving lakes.


  • 12.5ft long
  • 85 lbs weight
  • 360-degree rudder control
  • Pilot drive system

What we liked?

  • Integrated accessory rails for fishfinders
  • The pedal system is lightweight and detachable
  • Extra storage under the seat
  • Built-in buoyancy

What we didn’t like?

  • Limited footrest space


What Are The Types of Kayaks?

There are different types of kayaks, depending on their sitting positions and propelling features. Some of the widely used versions are

Sit-On-Top Kayak: A Sit-on-Top Kayak is one of the most popular kayaks used by anglers. It has a seat mounted just above the hull instead of inside the kayak, as is common with Sit-in models. Furthermore, the hull is very sturdy, with tiny holes on the side to drain out water. Sit-on-top kayaks are the go-to kayaks for anglers who prefer to crouch as they paddle.

Pedal Kayak: A Pedal Kayak is a vessel that moves when you press the pedals underneath. It’s similar to riding a bicycle because as you push the pedals, the force propels the kayak. Furthermore, the pedals are connected to the propeller or fin submerged in water under the boat. Pedal kayaks are the ideal kayaks for anglers who like to keep their hands free.

Sit-in Kayak: A Sit-in Kayak is similar to a Sit-On-Top Kayak, but the only difference is that you sit on the vessel instead of sitting on top of it. The cockpit is low, and when seated, it extends all the way to your chest region.  Do note that a Sit-in and a Sit-On-Top Kayak can be propelled with a pedal or a paddle depending on the structure.

Tandem Kayak: Also called a double Kayak, tandem kayaks are the hybrid version of a Sit-On-Top and a sit-in Kayak. It has two cockpits for two anglers, and this type of kayak is usually very heavy compared to other kayaks. However, they are much stable with sufficient buoyancy. Tandem kayaks are the best kayaks for lakes and streams with strong currents.

Salt Water Kayaks: Saltwater kayaks are versions that are best suited for saltwater lakes. There are different features that make a kayak ideal for such lakes, and they come in different forms. For example, a saltwater kayak can either be a Sit-on-top kayak or any of the others discussed above.


What should I look for when buying a fishing kayak?

When shopping for a Kayak, there are several features you have to keep an eye on if you want a vessel that will serve you well for years. The first thing you need to know is that not all kayaks are created equal. Meaning that some kayaks are better than others. However, there are certain features to look out for, which are discussed below.

Weight: When shopping for a kayak, consider the weight as it is very important. Firstly, if it is too heavy, you may have difficulty transporting it to and from the lake. Secondly, if it is too light, you will have a hard time keeping it stable on the water.

Length: the length of the kayak also matters. Avoid going for kayaks that are less than 5ft long. On our path, we advise anglers to buy very long kayaks because the longer, the better. A longer kayak will glide through the water much better than a shorter one.

Stability: Stability is influenced by so many things. The length, weight, and how the rear and stern are structured. You also need to be sure that the Kayak will not lose its balance when you load it with fishing essentials and other accessories. If you are buying yours online, we advise you read reviews posted by previous buyers to give you a clear idea of how good the kayak can be.

Storage: The best fishing kayaks under $1000 have special storage centers for storing valuables. Make sure the one you buy has storage made of waterproof materials like tarpaulin. Also, ensure that the storage is big enough to accommodate your personal effects.

Seat: The last thing you want is to buy a kayak that is too tight with an uncomfortable seat. Make sure the one you buy has adjustable seats that have backrests to allow you to relax. If you spend hours fishing, you don’t want to leave this feature to chance.

Durability: Durability is a function of the quality of the material. Common examples of highly durable materials are tarpaulin and polyethylene fabric that don’t puncture very easily, even when the kayak smashes against a rock.

However, If you don’t want an inflatable version, you can go for a kayak made with stronger materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or hard plastic.




What to wear kayaking?

What you wear for kayaking will determine your level of comfort. If you want to enjoy your fishing expedition, you need to wear the right clothing. Anything that will help you stay dry without limiting your movement is fine. Good examples are

  • Technical shirts
  • Quick-drying shirts and shorts
  • Board shorts
  • Bathing suits
  • Rashguard
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses

Can a normal kayak he used for fishing?

Although there are significant differences between a fishing kayak and a normal kayak, regular kayaks can be used for fishing too. Ideally, kayaks are constructed either for watersports or fishing. However, some versions can serve both purposes perfectly. If you must use a general-purpose kayak, you need to add slight adjustments like rod holders and fish finders, among other accessories.

Is a pedal kayak better than a kayak that requires a paddle?

Not necessarily. A pedal kayak only allows your hands to stay free while your hands work your fishing lines. Both are ideal, so it is just a matter of personal preference.

Is a longer kayak better?

Yes, in most cases. A longer kayak is easy to navigate over long distances.  On the water, it is the best, but longer means heavier, so off the water, it can be a liability due to the weight.

Also a long fishing kayak in a small river can be hard to turn and maneuver.

Can I stand on my kayak while fishing?

Yes, you can, but the vessel has to be extra wide and stable to maintain stability; otherwise, you will tip over. If you enjoy fly fishing, doing so whole standing is fun but make sure your kayak is not narrow but ideal for such a fishing technique.

Is installing a fish finder important?

Fishfinders can be very useful for detecting fishes swimming underneath your kayak, but they are not always are effective under fast-flowing currents.



The best fishing kayaks under $1000 have diverse features that make angling easy and enjoyable.

However, your budget, the location, and the fish species should influence your choice above anything else. Also, other features like durability, safety, weight, set up, and storage should be considered before buying the kayak for fishing.


Written by Robert Johnson.


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