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How Much Does The Average Jet Ski Cost?

How Much Does The Average Jet Ski Cost?

On average, a new set of ski cost is $5,000 on the lower side and almost $20,000 for the high-end ones. In 2021, the Sea-Doo Spark is the cheapest jet ski in the market, while the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX is the most expensive.

Typically, a jet ski price mainly depends on how good it performs, how well it’s built, and any other great features it may have. Other features that might help determine the cost include all the bells and whistles it has, as well as the model.

This article will look at how much the average jet ski costs by comparing some of the most popular brands. This will also help you answer the question, “Are jet skis worth the money?” We’ll first have a look at the different types of jet skis available.

What are types of jet skis?

What are the types of jet skis?

There are three categories of jet skis available in the market, the luxury ones are the most expensive, followed by performance ones, and then the recreational jet skis are the cheapest.


Recreation / Rec-Lite jet skis.

The recreation and rec-lite jet skis don’t have a lot of differences. The main one is that a rec-lite jet ski might have an engine that’s smaller plus a few extra features. These two categories are also the most popular type for various reasons. They aren’t the most luxurious, but they certainly get the job done well.

Recreation jet skis are good for beginner riders, tow sports, and families as well. The most attractive thing about them is the affordability. It’s a great choice to start with as you figure out what you might want to upgrade to.


Luxury jet skis.

Luxury jet skis mostly perform similarly to the performance ones. The only difference is in their engines. This category of jet skis has the largest engines, which make the rides slower and smoother. The performance jet skis are, however, much agile and are more responsive to steering commands. They’re just more expensive because of the extra features they have.


Performance jet skis.

The performance jet skis are expensive because they have faster acceleration, the maneuverability is better than the rest, and the speed is also high. They’re an excellent choice for adrenaline junkies and power sports fanatics. The supercharged engines are what make up for the hefty price tags.

The maintenance may also be higher since they require a different type of fuel, and the parts are expensive as well.


How much does the average jet ski cost?

Jet ski costs
Below is a comparison of the new jet skis prices in 2021 from different manufacturers. You should, however, check local markets in case there are any possible price fluctuations.



This company is popularly known for the outstanding quality of jet skis they have at affordable prices. They have some of the cheapest personal watercraft (PWC).

Out of all the major manufacturers, SeaDoo has the most extensive lineup of jet skis. They offer luxury jet skis as well despite having some of the lowest prices. It’s one of the pioneer companies in jet ski manufacturers and has developed a huge fan base over the years.

The cheapest jet ski for this brand is the SeaDoo Spark rec-lite starting from as low as $5,399, while the most expensive is the GTX Limited luxury 300 that costs $16,899.


Kawasaki jet skis.

Kawasaki is a highly reputable brand with motorcycles, dirt bikes, and street bikes that are high-powered. The same great qualities are carried over to their jet skis models.

The prices of Kawasaki jet skis are moderately higher than that of other manufacturers. Despite the price being high, the quality of the watercraft is exceptional. Their lineup has pretty much been the same over the years; this can be a good thing for some, while it’s a bad thing for others.

Their cheapest jet ski is the Kawasaki STX-15X performance, which goes for $9,699, while the most expensive one is the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX Luxury going for $ 17,999.


Jet skis from Yamaha.

Yamaha is a well-known brand in several power sports categories. The name it has made for itself in the industry has helped them develop a line of jet skis to fit most riders’ needs.

When you purchase a Yamaha, you’ll enjoy the benefit of low maintenance, and it offers extensive reliability. You’re probably wondering how much jet skis from Yamaha cost. The cheapest one is the Yamaha EX rec-lite, $6,699. The most expensive one currently is the Yamaha FX Limited SVHO luxury costs $16,899.


What are the hidden costs with jet skis?

What are the hidden costs with jet skis?
When you ask yourself, “How much does the average jet ski cost,” there are other aspects you need to be aware of. The cost of a jet ski goes beyond the retail price; other factors will cost you money. You need to factor out insurance, jet ski accessories needed, maintenance, and fuel, among others. They aren’t major expenses, but they should be included as well.


What are the jet ski insurance costs?

One of the significant things that will influence the cost of your jet ski is insurance. The price of the insurance varies depending on several reasons. You can expect to pay $100-$500 annually.

However, that amount can go up slightly from time to time. Factors that influence the price you pay for insurance include engine type, cost of the jet ski, model, other modifications, etc.

What are the jet ski insurance costs?


Fuel costs.

The price of fuel fluctuates a lot, and it’s so hard factoring it out. The good thing is a lot of brands are making their jet skis more fuel-efficient. Apart from most of the performance jet skis, the other types can save up on fuel. Most of them can go for days without having to be refueled.


What are the maintenance costs for jet skis?

You’ll need to do some seasonal maintenance for any PWC model you own. It often includes a fluid check, an oil change, and other things for older models. Winterizing can increase the lifespan of most jet skis. It reduces the need for maintenance. Mostly for maintenance, you’ll need approximately $100 per year.


Jet ski accessories.

The accessories don’t really make up much of the jet ski cost. Nonetheless, having a few new accessories makes your ownership experience much better. They aren’t expensive and can be as cheap as $5 and also as much as $300. Depends on what you purchase.