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Kids Fishing Shirts


Kids fishing shirts

Fishing is a great way to enjoy with camping or a fun afternoon on the lake. It provides opportunities for families to bond and relax together.

If you enjoy fishing, you should consider involving your kids. The memories they make with fishing with you will last a lifetime.

(Except when they keep saying, “Why aren’t they biting yet?” after five minutes.)

Funny story, I was fishing with my daughter chasing panfish and trout and she said that phrase “Why aren’t they biting yet?” We were literally there for five minutes and I said to her, “You have to be patience, sometimes it might take several hours to catch a fish. Sometimes you may not catch a fish for days. Don’t expect to catch a fish in the first five minutes.” As soon as I said saying that, she caught a nice little rainbow trout!

Anyway, fishing teaches patience and provides an excellent opportunity for you to teach them interesting things about life.

If you are going camping near a river or lake, consider bringing your fishing gear. Sometimes the kid’s want to run off and play and ignore the fishing. But one thing that the children do like, is wear their own kids fishing shirts.

Jarvis Walker fishing shirt

There are several fishing shirt designs on the market today. Fishing shirts for kids are made in several marvelous colors that your kids will find very appealing. They also have pictures that your kids will love.

Several fishing manufactures, tackle shops, boat and lure companies make fishing shirts including, Shimano, Diawa, Abu Garcia, Penn, Berkley Gulp, Bass Pro, Jarvis Walker, etc. Even Bass Pro and Cabelas have their own fishing shirt designs.


Samaki Kids Fishing Shirts

Here are some excellent fishing shirts created by Samaki for children.

Samaki Mako Shark Fishing Jnr Shirt.

The Mako Shark Fishing Shirt for kids has a realistic picture of a Mako shark about to catch another fish.

It is blue, and if your kid is fascinated by sharks, they will love this shirt. It is long-sleeved, so it is great for a camping trip as it will protect their arms from insect bites and the sun.


Samaki Mud Crab Fishing Jnr Shirt.

Watching craps scurry through the sand or mud can be a fun activity. This shirt has a picture of a huge mud crab in a swamp. The shirt is blue, and if you are going fishing near a beach, your kids will love pointing out the similarities to their shirts.


Samaki Black Marlin Fishing Jnr Shirt

The Samaki Black Marlin Jnr shirt is perfect if you are going fishing on a boat. It has a picture of a black marlin with a blue background and a huge boat. Your children will enjoy talking about the fisherman who might catch that big fish. If you are fishing later, the long-sleeved shirt helps keep a bit of warmth as well.


Samaki Manic Jack Fishing Jnr Shirt

Samaki Manic Jack Fishing shirt is one of the best-selling fishing shirts for kids. Unlike the others on this list, it has several fish in the background. It is a shirt that every kid will think is cool to wear. (Is the word cool still used today? I don’t think it is, but you know what I mean.)

There are several other kids fishing shirt makers apart from Samaki. These shirts are great for kids, and you can purchase them for everyone in the family. You can buy these shirts online or at fishing supply stores all over the US and Canada. Check out Bass Pro and fishing tackle shops for some sales.

Shark fishing shirt


Advantages of Fishing Shirts for Kids

Here are some of the advantages of wearing fishing shirts when fishing.

  • Sun Protection

A shirt helps protect you from sunburn when you are fishing on a boat. Sunscreen often makes your hands slippery and makes handling the line quite challenging. Sunscreen also wears off. Even if you are wearing your sunscreen, your shirt will provide added protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Some shirts come with UPF and SPF opacity to protect you from sunshine. Wearing a shirt ensures that you can comfortably fish for longer, rather than get sore from sunburn. Remember, shirts like those mentioned above provide constant protection, unlike sunscreen, which has to be reapplied.


  • Insect Protection

Shirts offer excellent protection against bugs when you are fishing early in the morning or in the evening. Mosquitoes and horseflies can break your concentration so that you lose your catch. Fishing shirts will ensure that your children can concentrate and enjoy fishing. Shirts like the Samaki Fishing shirts for kids offer protection for your arms and your upper body.


  • Protection

If you are fishing early in the morning or in the evening, getting splashed might give your kids a cold. Wearing fishing shirts will ensure that they do not get soaked. Modern fishing shirts are made with technology that ensures water does not seep into the fabric and be soggy. A lot of materials are quick drying.


  • Stain Protection

Some fishing shirts offer excellent stain protection because they are made with stain resistance technology in the market. That ensures they are easy to clean even if your kids are splashed by worm slime, fish guts, or blood. It is always a bonus if they wash easy and look good.


Conclusion – Fishing Shirts

Kids fishing shirts are an excellent way to protect your kids and also make fishing cool. Did I mention some tops are quite fashionable on the water?

Make sure that you buy your fishing shirts from reliable fishing gear and camping stores like Bass Pro, Cabelas, etc, and dedicated fishing shops.