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Olight Flashlight Models

Olight Flashlight Models

A good flashlight is an important component of anyone camping, fishing or the outdoors. Choosing the best torch or flashlight can be challenging because many manufacturers in the market produce different designs, qualities, and brands.

In this article we will look at the Olight brand and look at some specific Olight flashlight models.

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Olight have been in the industry for over a decade now, making them a top producer of flashlights and torches in the market. These years, the company has been known for having some of the top brands and designs of torches for the outdoors.

Not only has Olight have various flashlights that include some spectacular models meant for professional use and varieties for outdoor activities.

Best Olight Flashlights For Camping 2021

Olight flashlights are very popular not just in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, but also in the entire world market.

Their main goal has been to reach as many users as possible while maintaining top-quality varieties of the best flashlights in the market. Their focus has been to manufacture the best torches with quality brightness, size, weight, runtime, and ergonomics for better service users.

Lately Olight has become very popular for the production of tactical lights for different government agencies, including law enforcement departments and the military. Through tactical flashlights, Olight has positioned itself as a top torch manufacturing brand in Europe while expanding to other parts of the world.


Olight Flashlights Designs

Olight brings to the table as being one of the dominant maker of quality torch manufacturers in the field for a long time.

The company started producing different varieties of collectibles and outdoor models before joining the tactical market, where they’ve been on top of their competitors.

They began dominating this market with the production of the M-series, which was well received because of the effectiveness of features like quality light output that they have continued to improve as years go by.

Olight then started another design in the SR line while utilizing and embracing the latest technology and innovation to produce some of the best searchlights, including the X6 Marauder, among others. There was also a shift in design direction while keeping the best quality to design the S Baton series of ultra-compact flashlights.

What’s more, Olight has also designed various battery-powered flashlights and some of the best rechargeable flashlights and torches in the market.

For instance, some can use the AAAs, AAs, and even CR123As, putting them on top of their competitors to produce such designs.

All Olight torches and flashlights are designed and tested by their experts within their own company independently branded with their name. This means they ensure their brands remain unique while maintaining their quality, unlike other brands which outsource some of their manufacturing works to other companies.

Another thing that makes Olight torches more attractive to buyers is their warranty. In case you buy one of their products, and it fails within 30 days of purchase, you can return it to their stores for replacement or repair. It does very in country, but the five-year warranty allows free repair of any Olight products.


Models of Olight Torches

1. Olight i3E EOS Keyring Flashlight 90 Lumens.

Olight i3E EOS

This is among the top-selling flashlights produced by Olight. It is smaller and powered by a single AAA battery.

However, this flashlight can also use 900 mAh for better runtime. It is well designed with an IPX8 waterproof rating and Mil-Spec type 3 coating to prevent any scratches. There is also a well-designed PMMA TIR lens that can focus light to over 40m. The modal is also available as a UV flashlight, so you have an extra option to pick as per your demand.

A simple head twist allows you to activate an output level for the light. The Olight i3E EOS is well compacted, making it portable. It is also waterproof and cheaper and more powerful for most models its size.

This is a great little torch, for a review click on – Olight Torch Review i3E EOS for more information.


2. Olight S1 Mini Baton.

It is the smallest type of flashlight in the Olight list in respect to the Baton series. However, don’t underrate its performance because it can still give you a powerful EDC flashlight.

It is designed using aluminum with knurling making it strong and durable. It also has a magnetic tail-cap with a second lanyard hole and direction clip making it easy to carry. It comes with five output levels and a side switch to allow you to pick your options right.

Also available is a micro-USB cable for easier charging and a side switch indicator that alerts you if there is a need to charge it. The best features of this flashlight are the 5 output levels, low battery indicator, and the fact that it is compact size.


3. Olight X9 Marauder.

This flashlight is the most luminous among all the flashlights produced by Olight. That’s why it is more expensive compared to other types of flashlights in this category. It is large and available in the market with a portable shockproof, waterproof, and dust proof carrying case with a suitable shoulder strap.

Interestingly, X9R Marauder has output levels up to 8, making it the highest in the category. It produces up to 25000 lumens that can run up to 3 minutes, then drops to 6400 lumens, ensuring that the flashlight can’t be overheated.

It has a battery protection board that ensures battery longevity by balancing the power of battery cells individually, increasing battery performance.

Its rechargeable battery comprises of eight 18650 high discharge battery that provides long runtime. It comes with both a car adapter and wall adapter, enabling you to recharge anywhere anytime. What’s more, there is a side switch for output selection and eight blue indicators.

Some of the best features of the X9R Marauder include overheating protection, rechargeable, eight output levels, and several accessories that come with the flashlight. Even though people believe that this flashlight is more expensive, the quality and performance are worth the price.


4. Olight S30R Baton 3.

This flashlight is one of the best rechargeable flashlights produced by Olight. This brand is popular because it is more affordable to have a rechargeable flashlight than purchasing batteries consistently to maintain one.

This model is designed with a custom 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery that performs highly. The components include magnetic charging cables compatible with different power sources and a USB Magnetic desktop charger with a unique magnetic tail-cap. All these ensure that your flashlight can be charged anywhere, anytime, without many challenges.

It also has five output levels with a special industrial silicon side switch that enables switching the flashlight from one level to another.

You’ll get 1050 lumens at the highest level for 2 minutes before stepping down to 500 lumens, ensuring that the torch doesn’t overheat.

An interesting feature of this device is the management of thermal programs capable of reducing heat to avoid damage to the torch or your hand while on use. Interestingly, it also has a lockout mode that controls unnecessary turning the lights on, plus a unique indicator that shows the mode.

The flashlight is slim with multiple charging options and heat protection ability making it one of the top-rated flashlights by Olight.

Flashlight for the outdoors



Where Are Olights Made?

Despite the belief that Olights are made in America or Germany, they are made in China. The quality is very high and they produce a wide range of models.


Are Olights Any Good?

Olight torches are rated some of the best torches for the outdoors in the States and worldwide. As their design is reliable and are ideal for fishing and camping.



Remember, Olight has been in the flashlight manufacturing industry for many years. The company is known for having specialized quality and unique torches, putting them on top of their competitors. In the camping and outdoor arena the Olight brand is getting more popular.

They have produced various quality flashlights from tactical designs to normal torches allowing you to have options to pick.


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